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Kitten poops outside of box-husband says cat goes correct or cat goes away!

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My Siamese kitten started pooping outside of his box about 3 weeks ago. The litter is the same, he pees in there ALL the time but poops only half the time.

I have been trying to 'reaquaint' him with the litter box by putting him in a large kennel, with a clean litter box, a small rug and bowl of water. While he is in there he eliminates correctly, no outside. But when he is running loose in the house, whether we are home or not, whether we are asleep or not, he only poops inside maybe half the time.

I don't want to get rid of him, he is very good except for this. But I can't keep a cat who soils in my house. My husband says he learns soon or we have him put down.

Please help!!
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Have you taken him to the vet to be checked to make sure there is not a medical reason he is doing this. You said when he is in the kennel he uses his litter box, but it was right there beside him and when he is loose in the house he might be too far from the litterbox to make it all the way to the litterbox before he poops. Maybe you need more than one litterbox setup in different areas of the house. I have cat the pees standing up and even with a covered litterbox she will sometimes pee outside the box, so I put the litterbox in a big plastic box lined with puppy trainer pads. This way the pee hits the pad and the mess stays in the plastic box, very easy to clean up. So maybe you could try putting puppy trainer pad outside the litterbox.

But, please, if you have to get rid of him, find him a home instead of having him put down this just seems a bit extreme.

Good Luck!
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I have had him at the vet twice. Once for regular shots and once to get a shot for a cold (lots of sneezing that was getting worse).

While he had really stinky stools, that was it. We changed his food to Science Diet (way after he had the miss the box problem) and that helps the smell anyway. He does not cover up the stools and never has even since I got him at 8 weeks old.

No bad bacteria, worms or anything in his stools or urine! And believe me, I had my vet check it out completely.

I'm going to try the upside down plastic runner thing but I hope that doesn't make him poop farther away!

In the last week he has pooped in two other places in the house that aren't even near the litter box (I didn't tell my hubby that, hoo boy!)

If he doesn't improve or gets worse, I don't know of anyone who wants a cat that messes all over.

I keep hoping for an early spring so he can go outside, I am hoping that that may help, but who knows?

If you have any ideas that you have heard work, PLEASE let me know.

I love my kitten, but my husband and marriage is more important.
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I am assuming he is probably still only about 3 months old. Kittens this young can get to playing and can't make it to the box. When you have a small kitten, you should have a litter box at each end of the house. The other problem is usually they dont really like the box weather it's too dirty for them or they dont like having a covered box or they would rather have a covered box to go in private. Cleaning the box more often and adding a new box wpould help with the problem if it's just not clean enough for him. If he is a pure breed siamese, then they tend to mature a little slower than a domestic cat.
I would also hold off on letting him outside until he is neutered. If you are set on letting your cat outside, then it's best that they have been altered before they pick up any Tom cat behaviors being outside.
There is no reason to put euthanize a cat for these things. There are people with more patience that will work with him. He would be able to find a home.
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I agree with Sandie, try adding a box and keeping them both clean. My Husband had a kitten that did almost the same thing. He ended up having to give it up, mainly because the other 3 cats WOULD NOT except her and we think that was part of the problem, she was stressed! Do you have any other pets/or anything for that matter that may be stressing the kitten out? We did find the cat to a very good home(one of my mother's best friend's) and she did grow out of pooping everywhere. Please dont put the kitty to sleep...give it a chance, if you have to get rid of it, it is young enough you can find a loving home I am sure.

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Please pay attention to the other posts. This is not a difficult problem to solve. It just takes some experimenting (finding the right type of box and the right placement of the boxes) and patience.

If your family doesn't have the patience to cure this problem, please find one of the many many homes that are out there where the people will take the time to work with the kitty.
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Well, I'm not quite clear on whether you mean he is just going wherever he wants, or he is standing in the box with his rear over the side and missing. If it's the latter, I would suggest one of those boxes with the 'privacy' lids.

I agree with up above, if he's a kitten, he might just not be able to make it all the time. They do have short attention spans, and small digestive systems. When I got my kitty I had a box by the front door for months. Not the most convenient place for us, but the other is in the basement, and I didn't want him to 'forget' to go. I figure if it's right there where he sees it, he'll remember.

I also think it's a really good idea to tell your vet. He might have some ideas as to the cause. Anytime a pet's behaviour changes, you should talk to your vet.

Good luck, and if I were you, I'd tell the hubby to get out!! No offense, but is he going to give kids up for adoption because they keep wetting the bed?
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I was thinking the same thing (re: bedwetting.)
It's a BABY, for goodness' sake.
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Okay, I was thinking get rid of the Hubby too, but I was too shy to say:tounge2: KIDDING! I'M KIDDING! :tounge2:

I don't have any kids or husband, so the animals are my life!!!

Really - I hope you work things out!

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Well, I scooped up some of the mess and brought it into the vet again. He found no 'bugs' of any kind but admitted that he does indeed now have the squirts! He thinks it may be the treats that I have been giving Piewacket to reward him each time he uses the litter box.

I have 4 litter boxes in the house, 3 with scoopable and one with the old clay. He uses all the same. My husband cleans out the litter first thing in the morning and when he gets home at night (around 6 pm) Then I clean it out when I get home too. So a dirty litter box is not the problem.

The boxes are; in our TV room where we spend a lot of time, in our bathroom by the kitchen, in my bedroom (he sleeps with us) and in the basement.

The last few days he hasn't just pooped in front (no, he doesn't hang over wrong, he just does not get in at all), but went on the dog's bed, on my husband's jeans that were laying across the couch and now this morning (though I will never tell my hubby this one!), he pooped three different places on my comforter while I was still in the bed!

When I see him looking like he might have to go, I walk into the bathroom and call him in. He goes right into the box and doesn't go outside then. He is definitely not wanting privacy but my company and my reminder, everytime he goes!

The litter boxes used to have the tops but he didn't like those at all. So I took the tops off. Then I got two of the four boxes in a short height in case he didn't like jumping in.

To help the squirts, my vet said to try mixing a little bit of condensed pumpkin with the food. Said the fiber binds up the water that is in the stools and cats love the taste. Said no more of the treats that he so LOVES. Now I am to give him a teeny piece of extra lean stew meat for the treat.

If that cures the squirts, then all I have to do is hope he gets it through that stubborn head that "Mom" wants to teach him something for his own good.

I'll keep you all updated on his progress (I hope to post that progress is what happens!

Have any of you kept secrets about any bad habits your pets have had, from your better half or family?
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