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Todays radio question: 09/05/05

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Did you do anything special for Labor Day today? (Sorry to my out of the US friends)
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Today I'm doing the opposite of labour - no work for me!! I need a lazy day of doing nothing (if my cats will let me). Anyone celebrating the coming school year?
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It's Labour Day here as well in Canada.

I'm cleaning my apartment because I gave my termination notice on the 1st, and I'm sure the superintendent won't be too happy to bring potential renters into a messy apartment.
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We aren't doing anything, just relaxing!
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Nothing special, although I think not working is pretty special!
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Well, I am recovering from last night. We had a mexican fiesta type thing and played volleyball, and drank all night. I think my last 6 shots of tequilla decided what I will actually be doing today... not a damn thing!

Although I might try to get some homework done later this evening.
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The weather is kind of crummy here today, so just staying inside relaxing. Doing some TCS browsing
Watching the CSI marathon
and reading my book
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Nothing special. I woke my roommate up and asked him why he wasn't at work. I completely forgot about it.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Did you do anything special for Labor Day today? (Sorry to my out of the US friends)
Bad chick! ...bad chick.........just work and work!

..... ...............
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We have labour day here too, but in October. It's my RB dogs Souls birthday so we will be saying some words in remembrance to her this year!
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aww sam

WEll its not labour day here but... ive done nothing today
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Cleaning! Also having a small cook out here with some friends so I must start the food as well!
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Originally Posted by fwan
aww sam

WEll its not labour day here but... ive done nothing today
thanks fran.
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We had our days holiday last monday
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Well, since it's pretty well official...we're getting a new car!!! I REAL new car!!! So we went to the dealer again today and found out that there is THE PERFECT PT Cruiser that we've been wanting for...oh...about 5 years. It's a Touring Edition, so it has all the bells and whistles that we want, and it's the Deep Plum color that we both LOVE. We're pretty sure that we can get decent financing on our own, but my Dad said that if the interest rates are too high that he would be willing to co-sign on it. So now it's pretty definite that we WILL be getting it, and now I can actually get excited about it! And the best may actually go DOWN from what we're paying, it gets better gas mileage than the Volvo, and our monthly car payment will be going down!

So that's how we're spending out Labor Day - being very excited about a new car!!! (Oh yeah, and we're having some nice steaks and good wine for dinner to celebrate too. )
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Congrats Heidi!! A PT Crusier, how cool!!

Me, I didn't do a darn thing! Just played around on the computer and read (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix~I'm reading all of the books again). Enjoyed the fact that I didn't have to be at work!
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My baby girls and I have had extra special snuggle and play time today! In addition, I've spent most of the day trying to get back on line. My wireless network just wasn't networking for me.
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Lazy day for all of us here, even Mini! We were going to just go to the beach, but it's been cloudy & rainy all day.
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Spent most of the day today with my hub, his brother, sister, and their spouses, going thru the stuff in my MIL's house (for those who don't know, she passed away just before Christmas). The probate time is up, so now its time to start with the estate sale and selling the house...which if the brother can finance, he'll buy! But...there's 40 years of packratiness in a 5 BR, 2 BA least three of the bedrooms there was so much stuff in that you coudln't open the door all the way! I'm buying all of her quilting stuff....have brought home two Ford Expedition loads FULL already......
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I've been on vacation, since Aug. 27th. Caught up on housework and went to see the grandbabies. Yesterday, I spent the day in Tombstone, with my friend Katey.

Today was grocery day, I've been lazing around the house, playing online games, checking in here and coloring my hair. Bill has the grill fired up, for burgers. My work clothes are laid out, for tomorrow. Guess that I can spend the rest of the evening goofing off.
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nope not here i had to work and it was busy in the morning but very slow at nite i think the gas prices had something to do with it
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I labored I cleaned the apt. from top to bottom and did all sorts of organizing along the way. Bradley wanted me to go out on the boat with him today but I had seriously bad cramps (haha, y'all wanted to know that, I'm sure!) and I wanted to stick around and keep an eye on Cosette's tummy situation.

Heidi, congrats on the PT Cruiser!
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I spent 3 wonderful days with a wonderful man in southern KY. Camping, canoeing, hiking, drinking wine, shooting guns... and I even got myself a nifty piece of jewelry.

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How I spent Labour Day:

Contrast between a tortie and a black T-shirt is the pits, but c'est la vie!

Didn't touch the computer. Didn't go out. YES.
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Fran, those pictures of you and Cindy are LOOOOOOOVELY!
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Thanks, Sam. I rather liked them. Good thing Daddy was around to grab the camera!
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