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Discouraging peeing

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I'm about at my wits end. My two cats are being toilet trained. One is very bright and has the hang of it, no problem. The other is very stupid (great cat, love him, just...kinda dumb.) and is stuggling, so I'm moving at his pace. He'll easily go to the bathroom in the toilet/litterbox when I'm there, but if left to his own devices he has been peeing on the guest bed. It seems that now that he's done it once he thinks its ok to do again, as its happened three times now. Obviously the mattress can only handle so much! Is there any spray or method I can use to discourage him from returning to this spot?
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Awwwww he's not stupid, he's just learning still thats all

Can you not keep the door to the guestroom shut?.

How old is he?
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Oh no- the toilet training isn't why I say he's stupid. He's just....not that bright. Maybe Alcott is just SO bright that it makes an average cat look dumb but really...London, not too bright. For example- if I throw a toy mouse, Alcott leaps to go after it. London sits down, looks at it, and cries.
Granted, Alcott is a few weeks older than London (Alcott is about 18 weeks, London is around 15 or 16). So perhaps London will wisen up? He's a wonderful cat, I don't mind that he's a little dumb, he's very cuddly and loving. In some ways its better, considering Alcott is always in trouble because he's figured out how to turn on faucets and open drawers...
Ah- the the way my upstairs is built, the two bedrooms and bathroom go in a circle. So if I shut off the guestroom, he could get into my bedroom, and I REALLY don't want him peeing on the bed I sleep in.
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Awwww bless him

I'm sure theres something that you can clean your bedding and matress with to get rid of the smell otherwise he's going to keep going back to it, so hopefully someone will be able to advise you best.

I know when both of mine were kittens i kept a litterbox upstairs and downstairs until they got used to the one upstairs in their room.

Have you tried buying a Cat Dancer or Da Bird toy for them to play with?
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Yep, they have both. I'm going to pick up from UrineGone from the As Seen On TV Store tonight, and until then I put own garbage bags under the sheets. When I had a pet skunk (don't get me started) we used vinegar and water, and it works but I'm wary of doing that on a mattress.
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You had a skunk as a pet!

Keep us updated on the little tinkler
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Good luck with the training. I know what you mean by some cats being a bit below average in t he brain department - like some people really! My Ellie is not very bright, it took her a long time to figure that I could be behind a closed door. And I have had peeing problems with her - fortunately usually on washable rugs. She won't play fetch either, like the others. But she is Alpha cat in th e house and I wonder if it because she simply puts her needs first and is not afraid to assert her rights - she can't assess the risks like the others do. She jumps higher too - often onto the top of the kitchen cabinets or over the garden fence. But I love her for these qualities just as I love the others for their unique personalities!
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before you automatically assume your cat is dumb- do you have more than one litter pan for each cat and another one besides? Has Alcott been to the vet to be checked over for health issues?

Have you seen this thread here?


Also checked out the archives here?


nine times out of ten when a cat is peeing on a bed it is a health issue.If these are kittens and not cats it could be that the litterpans are to big for them to manage or the boxes aren't in easy enough places for the kittens to find.
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Oh I'm not automatically assuming randomly...like I said, perhaps Alcott is just an extremely smart cat and leaves London looking less so! London still hasn't realized that he doesn't have to walk in a giant circle through the room upstairs to get to the hallway, but, as I said-- perhaps its his age. I checked out one of those articles, I'll look at the other now! They don't have litterpans at all-- just the toilet with the litter, but the inconsistency with using the toilet and the bed makes me think more and more that its a health issue.

-I notice it says something about disturbing them while using the restroom. Like I said, I've been going to him as soon as he's finished and giving him lots of attention. I wonder if he misinterprets this and uses the quietest room of the house for that reason?
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When you say they don't use litterpan, they use the toilet, do you mean a human toilet?
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Yep- I put a roasting pan in the bottom of the toilet and have been slowly cutting a larger and larger hole. Alcott figured it out and not balances on the seat easily. When London first started peeing in the wrong place, I took a step back, and replaced the roasting pan with one that had a smaller hole cut, AND I added more litter to the sides. The problem is that Alcott loves to dig, and now with the added litter he's started digging up a storm in the roasting pan....
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