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What Should I Expect ?

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We now have two male cats. Fritz, a 4 year old neutered male and a kitten 6 months old named lucky, great for a black cat eh ?

Anyway. Fritz doesn't really like lucky, he'll hiss and puff up but nothing beyond that. I've tried the slow introduction methods I've read about on the board with seperation and familarization with each other's scent over the past few weeks.

Fritz doesn't want to come inside the house anymore seems to be the result, he doesn't eat treats and when we keep him in he sniffs around with his tail batting from side to side and he usually goes to hide.

When both cats are in the house, lucky goes out of his way to find Fritz and when he did Fritz went into an attack posture, puffed out hissed, ect. The most recent incident saw Lucky swat at Fritz not making contact, and Fritz ran away with Lucky chasing him, until Fritz got outside.

My question is, what should I expect for the future when both of the cats are together and will they be able to work out their differences. or will Fritz keep trying to hide. Fritz before the kitten and when outside is a very loving cat and very easy going.

I find it odd since Fritz is so much bigger and doing all the tell tale attack postures and he simply backs down to a much younger smaller kitten who isn't fazed by any of it and i.m.o. just wants to become familar with him since they now live together.

any suggestions, ideas, ect would be very much appreciated.
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Is Lucky neutered as well?
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no he is not.
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