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excessive eating

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first off i am new to this forum so i appologize if a similar post has been made.

i am worried about my 15 year old cat dusty. he has been getting treated for diabeties and a thyroid problem for over 4 years now and both are under control. our vet says you would never guess that he has those health problems by looking at him.

about 2 weeks ago he had to get one of his fangs on top taken out. the vet actually broke it off at the gum line and put him on strong antibiotics to prevent infection. since then he has become a new cat. he no longer lays by his water bowl or mope around. he's up and active and he seems to have regained his youth to some degree.

the thing that is causing concern is he has become ravonous with his food. he is hungry 24/7, yet he isn't gaining any weight. in fact it almost seems like he might be loosing weight. he begs for food constantly. as soon as you walk into the kitchen there he is begging. open the fridge, he jumps right in. we laugh because he's never been so obsessive about it. he's always loved his food. when he was a kitten he would jump over the last 5 steps into the basement to get to his food dish at dinner time. but now it's getting out of hand. he's eating us out of house and home! please help!! what could it be?? we'd ask our regular vet who knows his history, but he broke his hip and the vet that has repalced him isn't as good. he tells us to only feed dusty 2 times a day. well with a diabetic cat, we were told to let him eat when he wants. any ideas what might be causeing his outrageous appitite?

thanks for your help-
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Well, I'm guessing when his tooth was hurting him he didn't get much pleasure out of eating, so its possible he's just making up for lost time!
But, there's also the possibility it could be a complication of his diabetes/thyroid issues you mentioned--a quite likely possibility in fact.
I would say to take him to the vet, again, have them draw up a full senior panel of bloodwork and go from there.
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