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MINOR litterbox rolling problem

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My youngest cat Da-Ku will flop around and roll in the litterbox when I just put fresh litter in it. At least it is just when it is clean but still. Then it ends up getting all over him and the floor and he smells like litter. Any way to stop this? He is 10 or 11 months old and started this at around 6 months I think. It really isn't a BIG deal but if anyone has some advice....that wouls be great.
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Oliver used to do that, and he pretty much just outgrew it. I tried to think of ways to get him to stop, but nothing ever worked!
I'm guessing thats not the advice you wanted...but chances are it won't be a permanent habit.
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My cat does that too I have givin up I just sweep it up and move on good luck. (that is also the reaason all my boxes are covered they throw soo bad OMG like the box goes in a min!!!! good luck though
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Hmm at least he's not eating it! I once tried those crystals. Wiggies took an interest in them and tried to eat them, but they got stuck to his tongue! I had to peel them off! He's my silly boy. So that litter had to be thrown away. Crystals probably wouldn't get stuck to fur though if your cat's rolling around in it.
Whenever I put fresh litter in the box, my boys vie with each other to get to go first. It never stays clean long enough to roll in. Eewww... at least your cat's not rolling in DIRTY litter!!!
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