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My cat is making me crazy

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OK, I'm at my wits end. I love my newest cat. I am having all kinds of trouble getting him to USE THE LITTER BOX!!! He will go anyplace he pleases I, as a matter of fact, just stepped in it. Repeating * I love my cat, I love my cat,* I have tried the shallow litter pan, Tryed putting him it the box, (after he eats) and right after he "goes" he trys to dig at the floor, so he's got that part. Do I need more boxes? (four cats) 2 boxes.

On a possibly different different note another cat is confused (I think) by this because he now goes EVERYWHERE (only pee though) The vet says he's ok sooo....?

Any ideas??
also found so more low cost spay clinics in my area who should I tell?
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How old is this cat? Has he been to the vet recently to be checked out for health issues?

Did you see this thread here?

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thank-you missed it hissy
The older one, yes he has vet has cleared him. Wondering if he views the new cats pee/poo as a threat? so, if i fix one problem then the other should follow. Also do cats spray after nutured? He was done, so if this is possible... wondering if maybe he's sparying? gonna try the tinfoil thing. Also buying more litter boxes. Could be be bothered by the covered box even though he poops in it? not sure that ive seen him pee anyway as for the kitten hpefully the boxes with help.
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You said you have four cats and 2 boxes. The rule of thumb, as I have learned from this site, is that you should have one box per cat plus one so in your case you need five. Is the kitty that is having the litter box problem very young and just learning to use the box? I think the way you need to proceed is this: get the kitty check out by the vet to rule out any health issues as the cause of inappropriate peeing/pooping, then keep the kitty in one room with one or two litter boxes and put some of his droppings in the boxes so the smell is already there. After he eats, put him right into the box, and when he uses it praise praise praise. Also make sure that when you are cleaning up one of his messes that you don't use any kind of bleach because the ammonia in bleach resembles the smell of urine and will encourage the cat to relieve himself in the same spot again. Patience is the key, and use your vet as a resource as well as this site. Your vet knows your cat better than we do, so never hesitate to call and ask for advice. Good luck.
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the one that is "peeing" is ok by the vet he's about 12 months. this just started after bing got here. (wondering if threatened?) ill get more boxes and bing (the baby) is the one that poos/pees everywhere it appears that mommy won't teach
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