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I had been thinking about getting some kitties for a while (what I really wanted was a dog, as I have never been a "cat person", but I'm not home enough for a dog). When I visited my parents at their farm they had a litter of kittens whose mother had been killed...we tried to save them by feeding milk replacer they had for the calves (this may have been totally inappropriate food for them?) but we didn't have a clue what we were doing, nor did we know we had to stimulate them to go potty often enough. They all ended up dying...they were just too young. After that I looked on petfinder, found Jack and Henry and the rest of their litter, and went to get them a week later. I think I'm now a cat person, LOL.
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We bought Charcoal from a breeder.

We found the other three babies and took them in.
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Ox- I he was from a litter one of my cats had many yrs ago. I gave him to a co-workers as his daughter wanted a cat for her 16th birthday. When she turned 18 she moved out and left Ox (who was called something else) He wasn't neutered and got in a terrible fight and my co-worker spent some $$$ on him. He didn't want him after that due to fighting. I said get him neutered and I'll take him back. That was in 1991.
Grizzly-her and her sister (Sierra RIP 7/23/2003) came from one of our litters-their mama was run over by a car.
Bobber- was a unusual cat in one SIL's barn. She was a kitten when we took her home thanksgiving evening as their barn kittens winter survival rate wasn't the best.
Bakker-I obtained him from a rescue about and hour away. I had lost Sheba RIP 9/26/2004) and was actually looking for an older female to take home but he wouldn't stop crawling up my leg so I had to take him!!
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I got my oldest, Katie, when I was stationed in the Army in Belgium. A British woman found her roaming her yard with no mama cat in sight. She didn't feel like she could take care of the kitten, so she advertised her for adoption on Armed Forces Radio. Many people were interested, but I was the lucky one chosen and Katie's been with me ever since.

Gracie came from a colony of feral cats in a local neighborhood that a friend of mine was caring for. We think she was only kitten in her litter to survive. My friend trapped Gracie and her mother, had mama fixed and I adopted Gracie.

Peter is also from a litter of feral kittens. He has six brothers and sisters.
I had no intention of adopting a third cat, but the first time I saw the shy little gray and white guy I knew he was meant to be mine. I put adopting him off for a while, hoping he'd find another home. He was adopted once, but returned when the person described him as viscious - hissing and scratching. He was obviously just scared because I've never met a sweeter, more gentle boy.
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My story isn't nearly as interesting as all of yours!!

When John's cat had babies, (they were at his mothers house) we would go by everyday to see them. I was totally in love with all of them and I wanted one so bad, but my family is all alergic and I was so worried that no one could come visit me if I got one. But then in the end we decided to get one cuz we live 3 hrs away from all my family and they only come to visit at least 2 times a year so we figured that we could get one since they don't visit too often! We picked out Harley right away b/c when I went there that day to pick one up he was the first one to come to me and wanted to play right away and give me kisses! I fell in love with him immediately and he's been my momma's boy ever since!
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Snickers was a stray. Broken leg, muddy, dirty & so adorably sweet!

Dusty was adopted from the county animal shelter (older cat... she was given up by someone else).

Jessie was adopted from the county animal shelter (kitten -- on the "way out" list).

K.C. was a stray... malnourished & sickly.

Zorro was given to me by a distant friend who didn't want him anymore... hated him & wanted to take him to the pound.

Hammie, I adopted from the Humane Society. My bunny died, and my bunny was Zorro's main playmate; so I adopted Hammie so Zorro would have someone to play with. They've been inseperable since!

& that's all for now...
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05
I adopted Oliver from an animal shelter while in college in Upstate NY. He was only 4 weeks old when we got him, and so he definitely thinks I am his mommy!
Emma's story is more read it, go to this thread
Oh Emma's story brought tears to my eyes! . What a blessing she found you (and that you found her!)!

Eponine found me during my first (of two) senior year in college. I went to the Athens Humane Society wanting a kitten. Well, Eponine was almost a year old at that point (and the shelter had named her Mila), but she was the most stunningly beautiful and sweet cat I had ever laid eyes on. I went home that night and talked it over with my roommate (an evil girl who did not want a cat there) and my 2 best friends (who are wonderful cat lovers). Naturally, my best friends and I came to the same conclusion: BRING EPONINE HOME! So I did and the rest is history .

Cosy found me in March. I spent about a month going to the Humane Society and checking with local rescue groups on an almost-daily basis, looking for that one sweet little kitten. Well, I went to the Humane Society one day and went straight to the kitten room. There were a few itty-bitty tuxedo kitties in there. I fell in love with one right away (her name was Katie) and I ran to the front desk to adopt her, only to find out she was already adopted. So then I said, "I want Donna!" (her sister). Donna WAS available, so I took her home the next day, where she was immediately renamed Cosette.
My life has never been better than it is now with my 2 sweet little rat-heads .
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I had to beg to get a kitty. It took me a good 10 months of nagging my husband before he finally gave in. I immediately went to the Humane Society and came home with an older cat. It didn't work out, so I was given a coupon to find another animal at the humane society. No luck. Then a friend of mine who breeds Persians offered me one of her kittens at a good price. She insisted I take her little white/blue van bicolor boy because he had the best personality. At the time he was only 4 weeks old, so I visited him constantly until he came home at 10 weeks. Well I was still stuck with this Humane Society coupon. I tried finding someone who could use it, but to no avail. So one day I go to the Humane Society to find someone who can use it. The few people I approached looked at me like I was scamming them-strange. Anyway, while I was there this lady comes over to a kennel that had a black and white kitten. She remarked how "there's only one left". I asked her if she had brought them into the Humane Society and she told me that she fostered the kittens for the Humane Society and that she was really hoping this little one would go to a good home because it was very sweet and it didn't have a tail. What, no tail! Talk about divine intervention! She couldn't have possible known I just LOVE those little manx kitties! WEll to make a long story short, that little manx kitten came home with me that day. My husband was fuming he was so mad! I knew if I gave hubby a few days to calm down I'd get to keep my kitty. And he did. She was aptly name "Pandora", because I certainly opened that box when I brought her home. I just love her and Sluggo and enjoy them every moment of every day!
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Well, our 4 year old, Trixie, was adopted out of an ad we saw in the paper. She was being fostered. One look and I was in love. We got her at 7 weeks.

Then came Petals, Tiggy and Bailey, in that order. They were all found abandoned as kittens by hubby Jerry while doing EMS volunteer work at an annual bike a thon called Pedal to the Point. The bike a thon is rode on all these back, country roads where there's very little traffic. I'm saddened to think that there are such heartless people out there that will dump sick kittens out in the middle of nowhere, but that is what seems to have happened to my babies. Thank God he found them and they are part of our family now.
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my roomie and i decided we wanted a pet last fall. theres always someone giving away kittens on the OU site, so i started looking. I couldnt find anyone with kittens left b/c it was close to xmas. I started looking for chihuahuas instead. the day i was supposed to meet the chi breeder, one of the ppl giving away kitties emailed me the # of a woman who had some.
I called the lady and culd barely understand anythign she said b/c of her israeli accent.
rebecca and i went to look at the kittens. Chloe (then named Mabelle,) her mom and bro were the only ones left. They had been rescued by the no kill shelter from abusive owners. chloe was severely skittish and it took 30 min to catch her in an open room. she wouldnt even go near her mama or bro.
i actually wanted her bro but i couldnt have him without his mom and they were both Fiv+
the woman told me if i didnt take chloe, she would most likely be put to sleep due to her antisocial behavior and b/c no one else wanted her.
when i tried to pet her, she was soo scared that she was shaking. she was too scared to even hiss.
it broke my heart and so i took her. best decision ive ever made!
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I got Bella from the Humane Society. I probably should have chosen one of the older cats, as it's not a no-kill shelter, but Bella was standing against the edge of her cage, begging me to come take her home. Her brother and sister were also in the cage, but they were (I believe) still recovering from the spay/neuter.

Rowan was in the bushes outside my house about two weeks after I adopted Bella. I'm in the basement, and I thought that his cries were a bird, since I didn't have a window open on that side of the house. The boys upstairs got tired of the crying (after about 12 hours!), and came down to ask me if Bella had gotten out. As I came to answer the door, holding Bella, they realized that it wasn't her. The two guys upstairs and a neighbor caught Rowan (and scared him half to death), but their little rescue plan wasn't really planned to the 'after catching the kitten' phase, so I took him in for the night, fully planning on taking him over to the Humane Society the next day. I guess I just never got around to it, and no one called about the 'Found Kitten' posters, so he's still here. He and Bella are buddies now, though, so he's allowed to stay. Not that I could make him leave, because I don't think that even Bella and her wanderlust could convince him to go outdoors again.
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My stud cat Benja was from some breeders up the coast who are very good friends of ours.

My queens Holly, Sophie and Muffin are all from my Nana, who is also a breeder.

And my two pride and joys Elmo and Bridget were both born at my house.

I love my cats!
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Well, I had just lost my job, and I was really depressed, so a friend of mine showed me some kitten pictures from a local adoption agency. He showed me some kittens he was interested in. And then I saw Miya's picture. I don't know why, but something drew me to her.

I was originally interested in a male cat, because I didn't think they had an "attitude" a female has. So I spoke to the adoption agency. They told me that Miya was indeed a female and she was very affectionate. Of course, they like to tell you all the good things about the cat so you'll take them. But a voice in my head told me to adopt her. She was sick, so there were delays. I only had maybe $400 to live on for 3 months until my unemployment kicked in. And then I met her for the first time. I held her in my arms and she immediately began to purr.

But then I backed out and said I couldn't take her.

That night, I couldn't sleep, so I emailed the next day and told the adption agency that I wanted her. They came to my house about two weeks later. After they left, the first thing I said was, "I promise that I will never let you go hungry as long as I am your mommy." The next day I started to look for work and by the end of the week, even though I had to skip a couple of meals, I had enough money to keep Miya well-fed, littered, and groomed.

Looking back, I have absolutely no regrets.
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Sweety is actually my boyfreind's kitty but she has adopted me! She was 14 years old when I came into her life and he says he has never seen her take to anyone like this, she even has stopped some long time bad habits and started some good ones! It has only been a year but I know she has me and I her for ever!
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Aww cheylink, that's really sweet!
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Well I've had cats/kittens all my life. But will start with the first one that lasted at our house more then a few months

Mitten - he was a stray in the neighborhood and we checked around and no one claimed him (my mom still thinks the real owner didn't acknowledge him and want him back, and lied about it). Anyway we got him at about 3-4 yrs old (vet estimate) and showed him in household pet classes for a few years. I consider Mitten my first and very special cat; he died of cancer at age 13 and I STILL miss him!

We rescued our next household pet (the odd-eye B/W) from the city at my aunt's house. She won many many ribbons and trophies and had national wins too - she died at age 18 in her sleep.

I bought my first pedigree; a Russian Blue which Mitten raised and also babysat Kisa's kittens too. Kisa didn't like showing but was a good mom.

My ex wanted a cat of his own and picked out cornish rexes; which at first I thought "of all the cat breeds why did you pick an ugly one?" Anyway, their personality won me over and I've never been without a rex since.

Our last rex is 14 yrs old now and his parents/grandparents were 16-18 yrs old when they died. I know Spooky won't be with us much longer. I do also have a 16 yr old rex who was placed with a good friend when I moved to MN - Taz would have never survived the trip as she hated car riding and the stress would have killed her. She's "queen" of my friend's house.

We also have barn cats cause we live in the country. One more to get spayed (the kitten we are keeping) and then everyone will be fixed. We only keep 5 adults.
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In 2003 after my beloved Tess died at age 22, I was so heartbroken I didnt know if I could "love again". I kept hoping a cat would just show up at my door somehow in need of a home.

After 2 years of no kitty love I went to a no destroy shelter here. I met about 50 cats that day and NO ONE wanted me! LOL! All cats ran from me, or if I got a pet in I'd be bitten or scrached. Boohoo - I was all ready for a cat and no one wanted to be mine! I also was going for an older cat b/c I dont like kittens much and I know the older ones are harder to adopt out.

Anyway, I had been admiring one pretty kitty who was content in the back of a "house" thingy with about six cats squashed around her. She didnt notice me, and there was no way to get to her. She had her eyes squeezed shut and paws stretched out in that sweet way they like to do.

A worker saw me admiring her, so she pulled her out and put her in my arms. Smidge immediately put one paw on each of my shoulders and snuggled in under my chin and neck. She brushed me with her scent from where her whiskers come out too (that's a big deal). So, I knew she was the one, made my decision in one moment, and she came home with me that day. This was in April. She's a good cat for me and v. sweet.

I strongly believe if a cat picks YOU, then he/she is the right cat for you.
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