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Strange Sleeping Issue

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All of a sudden my eight year old male cat is sleeping at the top of the stairs in front of the bathroom door. He spends the majority of the day and night in this spot. He has several places you can likely find him when he sleeps and this is not one of them, but now it seems like the only place he wants to be. Is this anything to worry about or him just changing his ways. Thanks
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Sylvester goes through phases where she will sleep in paticular places for a while, then she will change.
For a while she would sleep on the kitchen chair, then on the floor at the end of my bed.
Latley it's been on right in the kitchen doorway and or the bathroom doorway! I think it has to do with the humidity, i think the tiles keeps her cool.
I wouldn't worry to much about it, but thats just my opinion.
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Doesn't sound like anything too out of the ordinary. Oliver likes to lay down on the hardwood floors and sleep there on occasion, and Emma used to sleep in between the shower curtains in our shower! Kitties just find funny places to sleep sometimes!
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Rosie and Sophie like to sleep on the hardwood floor in the kitchen because the sun gets in that room in the afternoon.

If theres a towel draped over the bath Rosie likes to sleep under it like she's in a tent And Sophie's started getting under the quilt for a nap. All you see is this little mound in the middle of the bed
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