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[size=3][font=arial][color=purple]Hello, to all. Opie is doing well, getting settled, in our home. He had a URI but the antibiotics did their job. He wouldn't speak to me, for a few days. I'm the one with the medicine syringe. How do you explain "This is for your own good" to a cat? Oh, well, on Saturday, he can get mad at Daddy Bill. That's shot day and I have to work. Will return here, when I can. I have crazy working hours.
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Glad to hear Opie is doing better. Now, don't you restrict all your visits to just this forum. Get on out and meet the folks!
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hello there and welcome.
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Hi There!!

It's really nice to see more new members!!! Your kitty has the same name mine does!!! My Opie went through surgery too not too long ago...but he's doing great now! I hope your Opie has a very speedy recovery! Trust me, I know what you're talking about when you're giving out the meds! :laughing2 He finally got used to it...but it's just no fun!! Please post a pic soon. I'd love to see him

Take care and hope to see you posting again!

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How do you get the banner on your signature????
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Hi There!!!

I made it, I draw anime's and I put them some of them together, if you'd like one in a particular theme, I can make it for you

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Dear Cat, Thanks, for the reply. Hope the surgery went well, for yours. We've had rotten weather, here in Tucson (rain, sleet, snow YUCK). Opie has spent the past three days, in the middle of our/his bed. As soon as we finish up his shot regimen, we're getting him a kitten. THAT should get the lazy lump up and moving! Hugs & kisses to all kitties!
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HAHA! Opie's surgery went very well...although it was a five hour ordeal...they had to put a couple of pins in his pelvic area. Bummer...My vet thinks since his wounds appeared to be very deep in the hind legs that he may've been attacked by a bobcat (I told him that I had seen one close by the house about 1/2 mile away) and then ran and was hit by a car!! It's a miracle that he's still alive!!
Now he's almost 100% better. He has some problems jumping up since he has lost some muscle in his hamstrings. I bet the tendons are healing too; as it takes much longer for that to heal...but things are looking good! I bet your Opie will be so happy to get a little buddy! Is your Opie an orange tabby? Just curious...that's what my boy is
I'll talk to ya soon
Hugs to OPIE!!
Hugs to you too!
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Dear Cat, glad your Opie is doing better. Mine is red tabby over white. Have 1 good picture and will post, as soon as I learn how. This is my first computer and I know more about cats than machines.
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I had a feeling there was going to be some red in there! hahaha! Hence the name!
Well if you need help with posting your pic, feel free to ask me in a pm or just post it on here and I'll help ya...I help lots of members with that...but I can teach you to do it too...which is even better.

Hugs to you and Opie

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It's an Opie epidemic !

Welcome to the site and meow to your Opie boy!
Can't wait to see his pic!
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