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kitten shivering post spaying

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Hi. My 6 month kitten was spayed on Thursday am. We are noticing tonight that she is shaking in a shivering fashion. Her behavior is normal though. She is getting into everything, and is jumping on counters and being totally normal. I can't tell if she is warm to the touch. Should I take her to the vet ER clinic? Since it is Sunday, they would charge me emergency rates of $160 just for the visit. Her incision site looks normal. Not red, or swollen.

Thanks. Rebecca
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I would call your vet, and until they get back with you, keep her contained as much as possible. Make her a warm bed to lie- use towels cycled in the dryer, or make some sock heaters with old socks, Minute Rice- fill the socks up with minute rice *uncooked* tie off the end of the sock, then nuke the sock about 40 seconds in the microwave. Line the bedding material with the socks and lie her in the box- hopefully, she will stay.
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