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One of my little kittens has roundworm and Im taking her to the vet as soon as it opens on Tuesday but my boyfriend keeps getting ring worm. He has gotten it 3 times in the last 6 months. I know cats can carry this, any suggestions of how we can keep it off our skin? We have used medication but its takes almost a month to dissapear.
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I think you have to clean your house from top to bottom (i.e washing sheets, etc). I don't know if I'm confusing this with lice where you have to wash EVERYTHING but I think I've heard of that to get rid of ringworm. I could be wrong though
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Really? I know thats what you have to do if there are lice but ring worm is like a skin irritation. I will wash the sheets and make sure the girls stay off our bed for a few days. I think that might work. Thanks.
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Have you had a positve diagnoses of ringworm?? Bakker had ringworm when I got him as a kitten and "gave" to to me, DH, mom & sister!!! We treated ourself with Lamsil cream but got medicine for him. unfortunately we had to treat the 3 other cats too and this became rather expensive. I confined him to just a few rooms and really cleaned (wiped the surfaces w/bleach & water) etc... There should be quite a number of posts that mention ringworm. They cats had the medicine for 4 weeks and this was in December. I have not have any problems since then!!
Good luck.
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None of the cats actually have it where we can see but our chinchilla is also known to carry so we might have gotten it from her. Thanks for the tips, I guess I will just have to clean a bit more.
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Wash everything where they lay at and play with to help kill the ringworm. Once that is done and they are medicated, it should go away.
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You can also use sulfer lyme dip. Smells like rotten eggs and they hate it but works. You just have to be persistant. Also keep using Lamisil XL and it should clear it right up.
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I've met ringworm and few times and unfortunately have more of a reaction to the ointments than I do to the parasite. Instead, I use a home remedy. I get some petals from a marigold (calendula) and mush them up with an oil like evening primrose pil or some aloe vera and then put the goop on the patch. I put a bandage over the infected area (because, of course, its super contagious) and I usually see improvement in 48 hours. Then red and itchy goes in about 4 days. its magiuc stuff, and works for me.

I also had a friend that put mushed marigold petals on a horse that had a ringie on its leg and apparently it worked... not sure about puss-cats, they might lick it off.

But it worked for me and might be worth thinking about.

You could try putting all their baskets and bedding out in direct sunlight after giving them a serious seeing to with hot hot water. Apparently that helps kill off any mites carrying the parasites. I've also heard that some people put cod liver oil on pets food to help keep their skin healthy and more able to fight off the ringie.

all a bit granny's recipes I know, but maybe worth a go in conjunction with everythig else you're doing!

Good luck!
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Which do you mean Ringworm or Roundworm?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Which do you mean Ringworm or Roundworm?
One of our kittens has roundworm but we are taking her to the vet today. We have also had issues with ringworm but only on my boyfriend. The cats dont have it but I know they can carry it. I think he just might be really sensitive to it.
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