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Not a question, but just thought I'd pass this along.... tonight I made fresh baked tilapia fillet for myself for dinner (Tilapia is a moist white fish - not greasy like bluefish).... well, Oliver was begging as usual when I eat dinner - so I took a chunk of fish from the middle of the fillet (to be sure he wasnt getting any of the spices I had put on top) and offered it to him, and he LOVED it!! I mean, I'm not surprised that he loved fish cuz he goes crazy when I open tuna, but it was adorable and I figured I'd pass the idea on to anyone else who enjoys fish.... it's not really a hard fish to find (at least not in Eastern USA) - I've gotten mine from acme markets and wegmans, and they're fresh, not frozen... I guess I'll have a dancing kitty at my feet when I make this now too, not just when I make tuna!