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cat genetics

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hello, i just posted a question about false pregnancy and forgot to ask if anyone can lead me to a good site on genetics, i'm most interested in persian and himilayan colors, i've only been a breeder for a short time and would like to find a few sites that can be a guide to which colors to expect in kittens
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try the genetics forum on here.. it is closed but has some good info ... Do you have a mentor?? if so I would ask them..
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Also you could try asking Sam (Wellington Cats) in a pm - she breeds Persians and Exotics and know lots about their colours...
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I bred cornish rexes and did a lot of research on genetics and colors. I'll try to help if you have questions.
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There is an excellent cat genetics book that you can buy on the CFA web site. You could also look up Dr. Susan Little, she has done a lot of research on genetics/breeding.
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I would recommend Robinson's Cat Genetics for breeders and veterinarians, which in my opinion is a "must read" for all breeders.
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thank you, i went to the library and took out some really good books on genetics,
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