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end of the kids school vacations

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a load of them around here all go back to school,so its going to be lovely n quiet here but the roads are going to be really busy with cars,all the mums use their cars to take the kids to school,and theres a great bus service here,also alot of the kids live less than 1/4 of a mile from the school,but mum still insisits on driving them to school. (one of my pet peeves)
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Urgh!, you've just reminded me that my quiet days on the train are gone until october

I think our schools go back tuesday or wednesday?
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Ours went back last week. It's lovely and quiet in the street, but mayhem driving to work during the rush hour with all the parents back on the road doing the school run.
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Local kids seem to be back at school today here too. The journey to work actually didn't take much longer than usual, although I still think that kids should start either an hour earlier, or an hour later than the usual working day to ease congestion on the roads, and employers should be respectful that working parents will start work later/earlier as a result.

Or how about school buses (like the yellow ones we see on US films), so that Mum doesn't have to drive her kids 2 feet down the road in her 4x4 and park directly outside the school gate, blocking the road?!
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The district that I live in started Aug. 15 and there is an elementary school, three blocks from my house.

I leave for work, too early for it to affect me but, going home takes me through one school zone and near the central school bus yard. Some of those bus drivers need to be fired and have their licenses lifted!
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