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Kitten died...

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One of my four week old kittens died this morning...she had been acting strangely for the last day or so and I was planning on taking her to the vet tomorrow. She had problems walking and kept twisting her feet, and she kept to herself. She mewed constantly and always wanted to nurse. I am scared that this might be some kind of disease, has anyone heard of this type of behavior? Should I take the other three kittens to the vet just to be safe?

thanks in advance,
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I'm sorry for your loss, and yes I'd take the other three to the vet just to be sure it wasn't something contagious, etc. RIP sweet kitten.
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I'm so sorry! RIP sweetheart. I would take the others to the vet, too.
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Rip little baby ... vet for others
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Best recommendation is to take the 3 remaining kittens in for a vet check. Think back and write out the histories of all 4 kittens, and refer to this during the visit.

Your description of her final days does not narrow down cause of death to any specific condition, although the walking problems are suggestive of something neurological. However, at this point only a necropsy could possibly reveal anything more.

Unfortunately, young kittens are susceptible to a wide range of ailments, a few of which are hard to diagnose. Ask your vet if there have been any health alerts or news of outbreaks in your area.
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Poor thing! Take the others into the vet asap.
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sorry for your loss
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Tracey, are the other kittens acting okay? Eating, playing and just generally okay? I would call your vet first before taking the remaining kittens in. The danger in taking young kittens to the vet is this opens them up to catching some airborn disease and really shouldn't be attempted unless it is a real emergency. So in order to find out if this is a real emergency call a professional in the morning, tell the vet everything that happened with the dead kitten and then tell him about the state of the other kittens in the litter-

Good luck-
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I'm sorry for your loss
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