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HI, I am new to this site, my best friend (jakenjinx) turned me on to it. I am a total animal lover. I got 2 "kiddins" in august, Sammy & Miko. They are the BEST! They are twin(brother & sister) long haired black kitties...so cute! I had cats growing up, and my brother was always "slightly allergic, but when I got a kitten in college, he became HIGHLY allergic and almost died! So needless to say I had to get rid of the kitten . But, lucky me, my boyfriend's(whom I am now married too)mother took her and I see her all the time, she is now 10 and doing great. SO once we bought our house(and my brother moved kinda far away) my dream came true and we got the kittens.My kittens are like my kids(no real ones for me). My husband & I totally oggle them, he is such a cat person. They bring us so much happiness it is amazing! Anyway...HI EVERYONE!

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KATZ! The kiddens are very cute - I can attest! They are naughty because they are KIDDENS! Although, if you saw them - they look like mountain lions, they are so big for yungins........:tounge2:
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Yes they are VERY naughty sometimes...but SO cute. Miko(the girl) has this thing where she carries around one of my gray winter socks, all over the house and moews while dragging it between her legs! We just fall to pieces laughing! . She also sits on the toilet while we are in the shower and chases the water droplets as they fall down the door! My husband calls her "Miko the water droplet slayer"(ya gatta know my husband!)

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Hi Tracy....

Welcome - I am sure you will loveit here.

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Hey Tracey!

Welcome! It sounds like you are going to fit right in. Post pics of your babies!
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Hi there! Thanks to JakenJinx for telling Tracey about us We love new members here too!! By the way, are you going to post some pics of these little lions!!

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I would love to post Pic's, but I am some what"computer illterate" and I have no idea how! If i figure it out I will.

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Do you have them on your computer? If so, you can email them to me and I'll be more than happy to post them for you
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Tracy - give em to me tonight and I will scan them tomorrow AM!!!!:tounge2:
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I never met anyone who calls them "kiddens", besides my ex and me. Feels like I've met a kindred spirit!. Welcome.
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hello there how are you well congratulation and welcome to the site.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I'm sure your kittens are just adorable and I'm really looking forward to seeing some pictures of them!
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