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Got a fashion ? for ya.....

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I have a wedding to go to this coming Friday night at 7pm. Could I get away with wearing the old fall back on color of the "Little Black Dress?" I haven't been able to find anything that I like at the stores as far as a dress but I did find my new very favorite black peep-toe pumps Gotta love shoes

Seriously I need some help here on this one.
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Little black dresses, IMO are always appropriate at weddings. You could always look for a cute little shrug or a wrap to wear with it to make it more "trendy", if you'd like---they have cute little sweaters at the Gap right now, and you can usually find different-colored wraps at any department store (usually in the accessory section near purses).
Good luck, dressing for a wedding is always a bit of a chore!
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I think that's about what I'll be doing at a friday evening wedding I'll be attending in October. So I guess it's ok, not positive myself but really as long as ya don't wear white then I wouldn't be too concerned!
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Thanks for the replies, my only other option would be a burgundy dress. The only thing wrong with that is the bride has chosen wine as one of her colors. Wine and burgundy are too closley related in the color scheme of things. I don't want to be mistaken for a member of the wedding party Man I hate trying to decide what to wear to an event like this.
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Yep, I think that sounds great. Go with the cute little black dress!
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Is it a formal wedding or just a casual affair? If the wedding is very informal, the black dress might be a little too dressy, unless you are able to dress it down. If it is formal, go for it!
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One more vote for the little black dress.
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For an evening wedding it's probably perfect--I've heard black is the overwhelming favorite for wedding guests lately, and even for the mother of the bride.
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Little black dress is perfect. If it's a more casual wedding then you can dress it down with flamboyant accessories or the like. If more formal go with understated jewelry, pearls, etc and also a really nice wrap or shrug. I'd stay away from any wine colors or burgundy if they're the bride's colors.
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Another vote for the black dress. You'll look great Cathi!
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Another vote for the little black dress and the cute shoes! You'll look hot and dangerous!
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Sounds fine to me Cathi!. My neighbour went to a wedding in a black dress 2 weeks ago, but she was unsure until i said to get a bright pink wrap to break it up and she looked perfect

Don't forget we want to see the pictures!
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A lot of people wear black to weddings now. I always wear light colors unless it's at night. I think the best bet is to call the bride and ask her.
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Another vote for the black dress...I always wear one to weddings.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Another vote for the little black dress and the cute shoes! You'll look hot and dangerous!

Now I like that idea Sam
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Another vote for the Little Black Dress. Accessorize to tune it to the event -- that's what's so great about them! You'll be smashing.
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The little black dress wins hands down Thanks you guys I do like the idea of the wrap to go with it. My grandchildren and I will be on a mission tomorrow to find me a shawl that will be smashing with the little black dress. I so enjoy shopping with them, they are great help when it comes to picking something out for me. Must be the young honest opinion from them, because they will tell me in a heart beat if something doesn't look right
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Little black dresses (like little black skirts) can be virtually anything you want them to be - formal on a minute's notice with some appropriate accessories - or informal with the aforementioned accesories. Cast one more ballot for the dress! You could also wear a cropped jacket over it too - or scarves are very in this year too. I have a tweed jacket I found in Dublin that works wonders with anything black. Love those black numbers. Have fun!
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Yup yup! Of course you can wear black - it is very classy. And you can always accessorise with nice colourful earrings or bag or wrap to bring up the feel a bit!
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