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Getting 5 month old to gain weight?

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I have a kitten from a batch that I tnr'd a few months ago in the bathroom downstairs. There is nothing wrong with her except that she is underweight and since she is in a new environment she's not eating much.

Any ideas as to how i can make her food more attractive. I've tried everything. She is eating ... just that she needs to eat more so that she can gain some weight before i re-release her. If she shows any signs of being sociable i may opt to get her fostered but for the mean time the plan is to get her to gain some weight before it starts to get cooler.

Any ideas?
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I would put her on a high protein diet, adding an egg yolk every day to her food, and trying to get her to drink some KMR or goat's milk. Between meals, if she will let you, give her (by syringe if necessary) some homemade meat or chicken broth, or milk (not cows). I am trying to fatten two emaciated four month old kittens right now and I think you get more into them if you feed them lots of small meals during the day - keep their little tummies full. But I am sure someone more expert will be able to tell you more.
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Yeah, I'm curious about the answer myself. One of my little fosters is very emaciated for her size and I'm trying to get them to put on some weight too.
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i will try the egg yolk. she's not emaciated but she is very thin. i'd like her to be nice and fat before letting her out there agin. hopefully she will take to being indoors and she will get a home.
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Mine are now gaining weight each day, and are much more active and alert. I give them as much as they can eat of junior cat food four times a day. I also make up a thick glop of egg yolk, goats milk, chicken livers or chicken broth and a quarter teaspoon of cat vitamins. Add the contents of a cod liver oil capsule and liquidise the lot. Then between meals and last thing at night I give each of them 30 mls (about 4 tbs) of the mixture by syringe. They also have a bowl of goat milk and a bowl of water. Sometimes I have given them mashed chicken livers or boiled chicken as a meal, which they love. It seems to be working. I did a very similar thing to keep up the strength of both my Dushka and my Persil, both of whom came to me very sickly as kittens.
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