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Funrniture-STAY AWAY!

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Hey Guys

My cat will be 2yrs old this December and he is the most quietest,boring cat ever! If a mouse ran right near his nose he will just sit there and watch him
We had a cotton like couch and he will constantly use it as a scartch post and we now have a leather couch which stopped him digging his claws into the couch. We have bought him a scarcth post but i still see him use the carpet every now and then
I and my partnet will be moving into our new house some time this year and the question im asking is:

"is their a spray or anything i can buy to spray on the carpet/couch so he doesnt claw and destroy them"? Something that wont smell to nice but also not to ruin the fabric. As our new couch is swade and he will love to get him claws into them

Im from Melbourne

Thanks in advance. Hope u guys can help me out.

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we just recently got new couches.....beautiful, red microfiber couches, the warranty covers everything but cat damamge.....that sux ya know since we have 4.......

Anyhoo they loved sticking thier claws in we got a spray bottle filled it with water and kept it on the coffee table...anytime they would scratch it.....SQUIRT right in the back...........They learned......

I have tried cat repelent sprays and such, and they were dissapointing at best...if a cat has enough want to do something he will regardless of the smell...

Good luck
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In my experience, cats won't get on the furniture if they know I am around. They know what NO means but they seem to forget it when there's nobody to say it.
It's their nature to climb and stuff like that and who am I to change it?
What works for me though is just putting newspaper or bubble wrap on the furniture. The kitties seem to dislike the feel or the sound . They stay off.
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There is a spray that you can buy from petshops to spray on furniture or wherever the cats would go to claw. It smells like lemon, but please make sure it's on the furniture only

Try and distract them when they go towards something to claw by throwing a toy or a ball for them to chase after.
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Hi Nici,

I have heard that cats HATE alfoil (and it seems true for mine - she runs a mile everytime we even get the box out!) So I suggest you put the alfoil over the chairs for a little while, just where hes likely to jump. (Might be worth doing a test first though - get some alfoil out of the roll near him and see if he hates it too!!) That will deter him for the time being, but you need to also combine that with reteaching him. If you catch him anywhere near the couches, relocate him to the cat scratching post. Give him positive reinforcement by the way of pats or treats after use. If you catch him scratching where he shouldn't, try water spray - again they will learn. Just takes time and retraining. Its also good to try and AVOID the same fibre on the scratchy post as what the couch or carpet feels like, as he may think if its on the scratchy post and the floor, that he can use both. He may also hate the fibre on the scratchy post. Some cats like the carpet ones, some like the cord ones (ropey things). You can get cheap ones in Australia from places like Red Dot (hope you guys have that over there!!!) so try him out on different ones!! Hope this helps. I am lucky that my one has been trained to stay in "zones" in the house and shes been trained to use a scratching post from a very young age. Good Luck!!!
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Originally Posted by DEViNE^BRUNET
Hey Guys

My cat will be 2yrs old this December and he is the most quietest,boring cat ever! If a mouse ran right near his nose he will just sit there and watch him

lol thats really funny . anyhoo u can buy this spray and sticky tape at petsmart or petco where u can spray and stick at furnitures that u dont want your cat scratching or anything else u dont want them doing.
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Pet stores do sell sprays to deter scratching, however I never had any luck at all with them and Oliver... seeing as how I am more than completely against declawing, Oliver is now outfitted with soft paws (they are little plastic caps that go over their claws)...if you do a search on this forum for soft paws or soft claws, you'll find like million posts about them (I'm sure I've raved about how much I love them on like every one of those posts too!)... Oliver can still use his claws and loves to scratch his post, but since he's capped, he doesnt destroy anything!

Just wanted to give you another option if the sprays don't work for you either.
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I used boundry( ymmv and may have to try several ) with Zoey it worked .. she also has that No issue
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I put soft claws on my cats,, and they're GREAT. My cats don't even scratch my furniture, it was just that when jumping onto beds or couching, when they sunk their nails made me nervous. So I put on soft claws. HIGHLY reccommended!
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We had two lovely, comfy, expensive leather recliners which were just so wonderful to sink into after a hard day and relax in luxury..... then we got cats. They didn't actually try to stratch them, but the'd jump all over them and they're not declawed, so they'd leave little stratches.
We tried aluminum foil 'cos cats hate that, right? Hmm, Wiggies LOVED it! Woo-hoo new toy to play with! He'd make a little foil tent and then rip it all up.
Spraying with water is effective, but only if I'm there to spray them.
I tried a couple of those sprays like Nature's Miracle. They made ME sneeze and cough. After spraying them on, I couldn't stay in the room! Didn't seem to affect the cats much though.
We covered the chairs with throws. The cats would chase each other round, jump on and off the chairs and the throws would be kicked off.
So, now we have them dismantled and covered tightly in layers of old blankets and sheets. There they sit, taking up valuable space in our 1 bedroom apartment, reminding our butts of more comfortable days while we have to make do with our rock hard futon instead.
But, happy ending: now the cats have their beds on top of the chairs and get to sleep all day in comfort and style!
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Thanks heaps for the advice guys mostly appriciated! I have heard about those caps im definitely going to look into it.hHow do u put them on? or does the vet do it? My cat is very quite and I havent seen him do that kind of stuff for a while but there is always doubt and I want him to walk around freely and I don’t wanna be p tight all the time and always keep an eye on him. So I will be trying some of the stuff u guys told me. THANKS HEAPS!!!!

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We got couches so the pets could enjoy them too!
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Soft Paws have great directions on the package (you'll have to clip the kitty's nails before applying) usually a vet tech or groomer will be happy to show you how to apply them the first time so you know what you're doing - I'm a HUGE advocate of Soft Paws!
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I was reading up on soft claws and it says u shouldnt put them on out door cats. The things is my cat is both his 80% inside and on nice days durning the day he likes to sit outside?? Can i still put them on him??? I dont wanna interfer with his defence i mean if a cat comes up to him he wont be able to support him self and scracth the opposition cause of the soft claws........??
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My cats are very well trained (I adopted them as adults, so take no credit for that). They have, only occasionally, tried to scratch the furniture. I figured that as well as scratching, they are also wanting to scent mark that room, so I put a scratching post near where they were doing the damage. I didn't find that the repellent sprays worked (the cats lick the nozzle of the spray bottle after I have put on an application), but I know you have to get rid of the scent mark, so I spray the area with Nature's Miracle. Then, if the cats still persisted, I put strips of double sided tape on the areas where they were scratching.

There are still occasional mistakes, but in general, they stay away from furniture and carpet.
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