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Pet Psychic

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Is or did anyone watch Pet Psychic on Animal Planet tonight?
I just got home, and its 9:45, so I haven't seen much of the show, but I'm wondering what you all think of her?

I'm always skeptical about any type of clairvoyants, but when it comes to animals, maybe even more so.

I don't know if its because of the communication thing, because I feel I can "read" what my cats are telling me most of the time so why couldn't someone else? Or if its just a doubt or distrust of the whole psychic thing?

Some of the things this woman is saying are scary, but is she being "fed" information, or truly reading the animals?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Gonna go now, she's still on...
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I am watching the show right now and this lady is amazing!!! Seems like the owners of the pets were surprised when she told them things about their pets, that only they knew..
Pretty interesting to me...
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I wanted to watch this program and then I forgot about it last night. I am really interested in seeing the responses you get.
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I had my horse read a coupla years back and she told me things she could NEVER have known - it was kinda creepy and also very funny. He wanted to "date" my friends mare "Shoes", cuz she was kinda trampy.:tounge2:

He also wanted to know where sandy and joe were. Sandy was his old owner, (who lives in Iowa) and I called her and she told me Joe was a pony he used to go out with. CREEPED ME RIGHT OUT The Schychic could never have known the names or anything., but it was really kinda cool. Most of my freinds w/horses have had it done and we laugh our butts of when we share the readings.
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That lady that was on Animal Planet lives in The Woodlands, Texas. That's just 20 minutes north of Houston. I am very tempted to use her services if possible.
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It's pretty cool - I want to do it to my cats next time.....
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I watched it last night and it was pretty cool! Isn't it amazing how all the animals were all quiet? When the audience was applausing, it seems that the dogs were barking together with their humans. If it were another show, the dogs would be barking and all the animals would be making noise. I really liked the part were she's at a vet's office and the dog is like don't give me away. I also like it when she spoke to animals that were not alive anymore. Pretty cool!
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I watched the show, last nite, and thought it was pretty interesting. I am a little sceptical of anyone who claims to be a psychic, but I believe in the possibility of it, and therefore reserve judgement until I hear otherwise. Sfell, I would LOVE to hear what experience you have with her, if you decide to go!
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I just hope when I call for some info she doesn't charge an arm and a leg!!!!!
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I also watched the show last night, for the first time, and it was spooky how she could tell that the dog had been beaten on it's back, and pushed out of a truck, and the other pet readings that she gave.
I found it really fascinating. Not sure if I beleive it or not, but maybe she really can communicate with them...who knows. I would love to have her give a reading on my cat Merlin....I can just imagine what he would have to say...
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I watched the program this evening, March 7th. It was interesting to watch, but I found it hard to believe that the psychic could actually communicate with these animals using mental telepathy. She just seemed to be getting too much information too fast.

However, there was ONE dog that I thought seemed to actually be communicating with this psychic. This dog had caused a lot of damage to the owner's home by chewing things up. The psychic did a reading on the dog and discovered that the chemicals that were used to clean in the home were making the dog ill and causing the chewing behavior. After the psychic explained everything to the owner, and told her how to correct the problem, the dog started reaching for the psychic with her paw like she understand what was happening and was trying to thank her.

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I was going to watch it last night, but I had to go to bed. It sounds really interesting. I don't really have an opinion yet since I didn't watch it. If anyone has their cat "read" let us know what happens.
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