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Ok whats some good ideas about getting kitties from a shelter that are full of fleas. Like how do I treat them before I take them home where my own cats are. Should I treat them before I leave the shelter? I don't want to have my car full of fleas for the next time when I take my own kitty out.
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The Shelter I got my cat from treated my cat before they even put him up for adoption. Check with them to see if he has been treated, or if they would treat him. It could be free, or even for a small fee. Then it will save you the hassle and complications of taking him home.
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I think the shelter should do the treatment before you ever take the kitty home. Fleas are difficult to get rid of once you have them, especially if you have carpets.
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If the shelter hasn't treated them or you have any question that they might have fleas, you should treat them with Frontline Plus which kills both adult and immature fleas. I would separate them from your other animals for the first 24 hours after application. VetDepot.com has a lot of information on their site on various flea control products. They also have the best prices on pet medications I have found.
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most shelters do flea control and also neutering and spaying. an excellent flea product for kittens just came on the market not to long ago. it is revolution and is safe for little kitties. it also takes care of any worms, ticks. etc... is a great product goes on just like advantage.
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Well see the place they will be coming from is an Animal Control shelter and they don't treat them at all and i didnt want the fleas to get in my carpets
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Talk to the your vet , there are things avaol but I dont know them
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