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Pirates! Thats so cute! I don't think that a headpiece would last long with mine, but I've had a lot of success with that little blue jersey so who knows. Oo your cat even looks rather piratey too, if I do say so myself. I'm not certain why....maybe he just looks tough?
Thanks BigOrange, Alcott think's he's pretty good looking too, just ask I hope mine can wear shorts! That'd be so cute!
I've thought he looks piratey too, haha... I'm waiting for a meow to sound like a "yar!" one of these days - I could definitely see him being the resident cat on a pirate ship back in the day!... his daddy (my bf, Jim) surprised us and showed up at my apartment the other day (he's living back in pittsburgh, but had a few days off from work and came to see us!)... anyhow, he LOVED Oliver's pirate costume and put it on him right away!! Jim's definitely being Captain Morgan as well for Halloween! I'll will definitely try to get pictures!