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I need toilet training help...

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I Need suggestions please....
i've gone through the last few weeks of gently getting my cat toilet trained...almost. Here's my problem...w/ a mixing bowl mounted under the toilet seat...he will sit(his rear)in it to pee w/ his front paws on the toilet seat...great, but then places his front paws in the bowl and hangs his rear off the side when he p**ps...getting pretty frustrated and can't figure out how to "reposition him"...any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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That is a stumper for me. You are the only person I am aware of not using a box! (It would make a great pic to post here )
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Did you get the idea from "Meet the Parents"?
I've been wanting to try it but haven't had the time.
The only thing I can think of is to clean the bowl out immediately after he pees--he may be turning around because he knows that he just went in that spot. Mr. Fitz will not go in the same place twice--he will do one in one corner of the litterbox and then the other in the opposite corner.
Maybe instead of having him face forward for the one, have him face to the left and then maybe he'll turn around and face the right side--just a thought!
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no he always has two paws in the bowl and two on the toilet seat...
front or rear depending on which "duty" he is performing...i dont
understand the kitty psychology behind that behavior
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Well Bella has been toilet trained for some time and I can tell you that there are 100 different weird things they will do in the process.
I have some questions that might help me help you figure this out...
*What method of toilet training are you doing? (holes in the pan, water in the bowl, seran wrap)
*What stage are you in?
*Has he ever successfully pooped in the pan?
*Is he overweight? He may have a problem balancing if he is not doing either correctly.
*Try putting him in the correct position-all four paws on the rim and rewarding him for the good behavior.

Bella never had a hard time balancing and putting her rear in the correct direction but I can tell you from experience the pooping part is the hardest to get through.
Just be patient-dont yell-and dont say the word NO-he may associate it with using the toilet and get mixed messages.

The funniest part is when my boyfriend comes over and uses the restroom.Bella will stand there at his feet and yell at him (she is very vocal) I guess she doesn't like sharing.
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i was using the pan under the lid method...then progressed to a bowl
he still put his paws in the bowl though...do you think the seranwrap method would produce better results...i caught him once or twice (on his own) go in, place himself in the correct position and START to poo...then i guess he just wasnt comfy so he stompped off...
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