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Friend's loss

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My best friend called me tonight to share horrific news. Her 9 month old kitten, SUGAR, was taken to the vet to be fixed today. She received a call from the vet around 230 this afternoon. It seems sugar had a heart attack during the recovery period- she had a clot or something. Jules explained to me that the vet cried to her and felt terrible. She and I both started with 1 cat, we got our 2nd kitty at the same time, and when I got my 4th, she got her 3rd...my baby Archie is the same age as Sugar. Please keep her in your prayers. They took the baby home and buried her today
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That's awful, to lose a friend that was so young... My thoughts and prayers are with you...
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That's very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with your friend.
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So sorry Joce it's so difficult when we lose our babies!

Major Hugs,
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Oh Lord Jocelyn, thats awful!
Not to take away from your and your friends loss, but my b/f's cat needs to have some rather major dental work done, but he has a heart murmur and my b/f is terrified about having him put under. The poor cat is in pain due to his teeth, and needs the work done, but I can totally understand his fears. His Vet isn't really very sympathetic, or helpful about alternatives, so we have been discussing different avenues. I hope we find a solution soon.

Give your friend my condolences, and a big hug from me, Cagney, Lily, and lil Rudy...she must be hurting terribly.
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Oh, that is my worst nightmare. I am still not over losing my kitty over 8 months ago. This is one of those situations that I don't know what to say, but I'm posting to let you know that I ma thinking of your friend and her loss. I truly believe that there is a heaven that is for people and animals, and someday, we will all be reunited. I have a favorite uncle that passed away when he and I were both very young (10 and 23, respectively). I like to think he is up there somewhere taking care of all my furry loved ones until I am with them again, and ask God to make sure they are all happy and know I loce them and miss them. I know this little kitty is up there being loved too, and I hope that your friend can find a similar way to help her grief. She was doing something good for the kitty, something very routine, and the unexpected happened.
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What a horrible thing to have happen. Let your friend know I am sending good thoughts her way.
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What a terrible situation. I feel bad for everyone.... give your friend hugssssss.......

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What a sad thing to have happen to someone Tell her that she is in my thoughts. I don't know what I'd do if I lost my kitties...
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How sad. That is a horrible thing to have happen.
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I am so sorry to hear this....please let your friend know we are thinking of her.
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Oh, gosh, your poor friend! Trying to do the right thing and having it turn out so sadly. What a kind-hearted vet to be so broken up, too. One that understands you are treating the family as well as the patient.
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