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Pets & Animals in Distress - Sept 3, 2005
PAW e-Newsletter Hurricane Katrina Rescue Update

Hurricane Katrina has dealt a devastating blow to the Gulf Coast that has left
people and animals in trying and frightening conditions that will take years for
the region to recover.

Pets & Animals in Distress volunteers have been of the phones contacting
shelters in the disaster areas that are taking in animals to offer our immediate
assistance to help with food and supplies that are needed. This is a massive
relief undertaking that will require relief organizations, animal shelters,
rescue groups and government agencies to coordinate and network together to help
in the relief efforts for the animals. Pets & Animals in Distress is also in
direct contact and working with our friends at The Meow Mix Company along with
Purina Foods to arrange to get food and supplies donated and delivered to those
disaster area shelters and communities that need help.

Pets & Animals in Distress has received many distress calls and e-mails about
animals that were left behind in the disaster area - primarily in the New
Orleans area. Many people were forced to leave their homes during and in the
aftermath of the hurricane and couldn't bring their animal friends with them. We
know and understand the anguish these caregivers are going through and want to
assist in the rescue of these helpless victims.

We are in contact with relief organizations like the SPCA in New Orleans, Noah's
Wish Foundation, Humane Society and several other animal shelters that are on
the ground in the disaster areas. We are immediately passing on any information
that we receive about any animals that need to be rescued and saved. Many
animals are now being saved and rescued from homes and being reunited back to

We have spoken to Roger Smith Regional Disaster Relief Coordinator for Noah's
Wish Foundation organization who informed us that Teri Crisp, Director of
Noah's Wish is now at the Slidell Animal Shelter, in Louisiana were shelter
officials have put Noah's Wish in charge of helping to oversee the relief
efforts of the overwhelming influx of abandoned and rescued animals that have
come into their shelter that normally houses about 50 animals and is now well
over 300.

Pets & Animals in Distress has been making great progress networking with many
of these relief organizations and shelters, sharing information and contacts and
coordinating our relief efforts. We thank our many volunteers and everyone that
is working tirelessly a round the clock making phone calls, sending out e-mails,
coordinating and organizing relief efforts to bring in supplies and to help
rescue and save as many animals as we possibly can. It is an overwhelming
challenge that is ahead of us for many months, BUT WE CAN DO IT!

I had the opportunity to speak with Laura who is with the SPCA of New Orleans
that is at ground zero surrounded by all of the chaos. We have been told that
city officials are now allowing them to go in and rescue the many animals that
were left behind in homes. I also have spoken to a lady named Linda Coker from
New Orleans that had been visiting her family in Alabama when the hurricane
hit. She had left her 2 cats and 2 dogs behind with enough food and water for a
week but couldn't go back because of the evacuation and has been very frantic
and upset trying to get her animals rescued. It was reported that the animals
were alive as of Tuesday from a neighbor. We have passed a description of the
animals and the address of where they are located to the SPCA in New Orleans who
will go to the location to see if they are still there and rescue them.

There are still many animals that are left inside homes that need to be rescued.
We are putting out a SPECIAL ANIMAL BOLO ALERT and are asking anyone that may
know someone that had to evacuate the disaster areas that had companion animals
that they had to leave behind to please have them contact Pets & Animals in
Distress at: or call (954) 202-9991. We are compiling
a list of animals that need to be rescued to pass on to affiliate relief
organizations, rescue groups shelters and volunteers in those areas who are
already on the ground rescuing stranded animals.

When contacting us please ask them to include:

Contact/ Owners name

Contact phone numbers / e-mail address

Address where the animals are

Name(s) of animal(s)

Description of animal(s)

Please cross post pass this urgent message on to as many people as you can as
time is of the essence.

I also spoke to Danine who is the Shelter Manager with the Humane Society of
Monroe, Louisiana that is about 4 hours away from New Orleans, who said that
their shelter has been inundated with many animals that were dropped off by pet
owners because of the evacuation and are now being cared for along with many
other animals that have been rescued and brought in on a daily basis and are in
need of food and supplies. We have contacted our friends at The Meow Mix
Company who have offered to help with food and will have several pallets of
food delivered to their shelter within the next few days. We are coordinating
to have more food delivered to help other shelters in other disaster areas.
We are asking any shelters that are taking in Hurricane animals in need of food
or assistance to contact Pets & Animals in Distress at

This is a massive relief undertaking that will require the help, efforts and
teamwork from many other animal relief organizations, shelters, rescue groups,
volunteers and agencies from all over the U.S. to coordinate and network
together to help in the biggest animal relief effort that is ahead of all of us
to help rescue and save the hurricane animals. The impact of this disaster
crisis will be felt for months and years to come.

We would like to dedicate the very end of this e-newsletter to those of you who
responded to our urgent appeal to help us with their monthly and one time
donations, thus providing us with the funding that will assure that we will be
able to continue our ongoing vital relief work and efforts to help the animals
in the future.

Please keep the people and animals in your prayers. Thank you to everyone for
your generosity, support and prayers in these very difficult times of need. We
need you now. God Bless!


Brenda Beck, President
Pets & Animals in Distress
"Your Best Friends Helping Our Best Friends"


Organization Contact Phone/ Name

SPCA of New Orleans area: Laura 434-589-1499
Northwest Louisiana Humane Soc. Nancy 318-219-7387504-366-8972
Humane Society of Monroe Danine 318-387-9553
Humane Society of Central Louisiana 318-641-0458
Caddo Commission Animal Svcs. Anita Mills 318-222-6624
Lafayette Parish Animal Control 337-291-5644
Noah's Wish Foundation Teri/Roger 530-622-9313

Contact information for Animal Rescue Organizations In Mississippi

Mississippi Alliance 228-216-7729
Gulf Coast SPCA 228-872-5659

Contact information for Animal Rescue Organizations In Alabama

Greater Birmingham Humane Society Jackie/ Melissa 205-290-0055/682-8894

Contact information for Red Cross in Louisiana with Shelter that allows pets

NW Louisiana Chapter Red Cross Michelle Davidson 318-865-9545

Animal Evacuation and Recovery Plan for New Orleans Area

The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LA/SPCA), the
Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association (LVMA), the Louisiana Animal Control
Association (LACA), and the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) are managing
animal evacuations and recovery plans for New Orleans pets and displaced

Evacuees Seeking Pets That Were Boarded in Veterinary Clinics

At this time, animals from the following veterinary clinics are being housed at
the Parker Coliseum on the LSU Campus:

Metairie Small Animal Hospital
St. Tammany Animal Shelter
The Cat Practice (Metairie)
Southern Animal Foundation

This list will be updated as needed.

If you are a pet owner whose animal was at one of these facilities, please call
the Emergency Animal Shelter Hotline at (225) 578-6111 for information about
your pet(s). This number should be used only by owners looking for their pets
and people or shelters that need to drop off pets. All others (those wishing to
make donations, volunteers, those seeking general information, etc.) should
contact the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine at (225) 578-9900.

The Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales is currently housing the following:

Companion animals owned by people who were in Red Cross-associated evacuations
(Causeway and I-10 bus staging area)

Stray companion animals (may include pets that escaped from homes or were
otherwise lost)

Clinics and Shelters That Need to Transfer Pets

Please call the Emergency Animal Shelter Hotline at (225) 578-6111 to arrange
for drop-off.

Pets Traveling With Owners:

The LVMA is currently accepting pets at the Blackham Coliseum in Lafayette, LSU
in Shreveport, the Monroe Civic Center for small animals and the Ike Hamilton
Center for large animals in Monroe, the Farmer's Market in Alexandria, and the
LSU Agriculture Center/Parker Coliseum in Baton Rouge. Owners must be housed in
a Red Cross shelter; owners are responsible for caring for their animals,
including feeding and cleaning. Animals will be accepted 24 hours a day.
Veterinarians will be on hand to handle any medical needs.

While owners are responsible for the feeding and cleaning of their pets at the
Parker Coliseum in Baton Rouge, the SVM, along with volunteers from the Baton
Rouge Veterinary Medical Association, will provide veterinary care. If for some
reason, an owner is unable to care for a pet sheltered in the Parker Coliseum
(e.g., the owner is housed in a special needs shelter), SVM student volunteers
will provide primary care, such as feeding and cleaning. The East Baton Rouge
Animal Control Center will be taking stray animals.

The Parker Coliseum will be staffed 24 hours a day by a supervising veterinarian
and student volunteers from the School of veterinary medicine. Pets in the
Coliseum will be given physical exams and Bordetella (kennel cough)
vaccinations. If a pet requires medical attention and veterinary monitoring, it
will be sent to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine's Veterinary Teaching

People With Pets Who Are Evacuating New Orleans

The LA/SPCA will transport animals from pick-up points in New Orleans to the
Lamar-Dixon Expo Center. The pick-up points have not yet been determined and are
being coordinated with the agency charged with transporting people from New
Orleans to other areas.

The Lamar-Dixon Expo Center, 9039 St. Landry Rd., Gonzales, La., will serve as
the primary staging area. Once the shelter is full, animals will be moved to
temporary shelters in other areas of Louisiana and Texas.

The LA/SPCA Dorothy Dorsett Mobile Veterinary Center will be at the Lamar-Dixon
Center to treat incoming animals as needed.

Confined Pets Still in Disaster Areas

Beginning on September 1, residents who left pets in their homes may call the
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Hotline at (225) 578-9900 or toll-free at
(888) 568-5557, to leave information about the number of animals, species, and
their confined location.

We have received news that an animal shelter at Blackham Coliseum in Lafayette
has been opened, right next to the Cajundome. Evacuees may bring their pets
their for housing. The shelter has PLENTY of food, water, crates, cages,
bedding and newspaper. BUT the owners are responsible for feeding, watering,
walking and medicating their own pets. Interested parties may call Lafayette
Parish Animal Control at 337-291-5644 for more information.

Mississippi Animal Rescue League (MARL)

There is a pet friendly shelter set up at the Coliseum in Jackson and run by
Mississippi Animal Rescue League (MARL) and staff of the Louisiana SPCA, who
evacuated to that area. MARL also took some animals in at its shelter. As of
Tuesday morning, the two locations were sheltering over 100 animals for
evacuees. The Houston SPCA has taken in 260 animals evacuated from the
Louisiana. SPCA and currently has those animals available for adoption.
Thankfully, many animal groups are rushing to assist.

We are hearing about so many tame, stray, and feral cats in threatening
circumstances, and we know that more frightened, displaced cats will be found.
If you know of cats, caregivers, or a rescue group in need, call Alley Cat
Allies at 240-482-1980, ext. 125, and ask for Vanessa or e-mail )

Many hurricane animals were also found with microchips in all the States hit by
Hurricane Katrina. There are several hundred already safely placed and need the
owners to call any of the following microchip companies if you have lost your





(Type in the state, city or zip code to find a shelter)

Go To:


Volunteers are needed on site at area emergency animal shelters, but you must be
fully self-sufficient. They need your help, but shelters cannot supply any food,
water, vehicles, lodging, or accommodations for volunteers (at least for the
time being). Supplies are critically scarce or non-existent. Do not even
consider volunteering unless you can fully provide your own housing,
transportation (including gas), food, and water.

Gonzales, Louisiana: The Louisiana SPCA has established a shelter for animals
rescued animals from Hurricane Katrina at the Lamar Dixon Horse Expo Center off
Exit 177 on I-10 in Gonzales. To volunteer, contact director Laura Maloney at

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine
and Louisiana Animal Control Association are setting up an emergency animal
shelter at the LSU Ag Center. They already have some 500 animals there, with
another 60-100 expected any time. The center is open 24 hours a day. To
volunteer, contact Cathy at or call 225-578-9900.

Other emergency shelters that may need assistance or supplies: at the Animal
Services facility and at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

LaFayette, Louisiana: The Cajundome is a shelter for humans only; pets are being
housed a block away at Blackham Coliseum. People are responsible for caring for
their own animals. To assist, contact Lafayette Parish Animal Control at:
337-291-5644. The Cajundome is located at 444 Cajundome Blvd., Lafayette, LA
70506, phone: 337-265-2100.

Donate needed supplies

The emergency shelter at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge is accepting
donations of supplies. (They already have approximately 500 animals there, with
another 60-100 expected to come in any time now.)

Today they report needing the following:

These items are always needed:
Pet food* Wet / Dry (Dog, Cat, Puppy, Kitten)
Cat litter*
Litter Boxes
Large/ Small Cages and carriers
Litter scoopers
Clean sheets and towels

New items also needed:

Amoxicillin / Clavamox
Flea preventative (Frontline, Advantix, Capstar, etc.)
Heartworm medication (Interceptor, Heartguard, etc.)
Cameras (to take pictures of the displaced animals)
Medicated shampoo
Fans and extension cords
Large trash cans
Can openers
Cotton balls
Waterless hand sanitizer
Baby wipes
Rubbing alcohol
Empty spray bottles
Trash bags
Disposable paper bowls

* Food and litter are needed immediately, but expect to get larger shipments of
food and litter donated within a week, so if you are sending items from a
distance, please select other items on the list.

To check on current needs, call 225-578-9900 or e-mail Cathy at:

Items can be sent or delivered to:
Disaster Relief-Companion Animal
Louisiana State University
School of Veterinary Medicine
Attn: Dr. Rebecca Adcock
Skip Bertman Drive at River Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone: 225-578-9900


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