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Originally Posted by xomycatsxo
I did not say I 100% agree w/ Peta.. I just don't look down on them because I think their intentions are incredible and I think what they do for animal rights is amazingl Their heart is in the right place and obviously when someone has such strong convictions- there are bound to be disagreements.
Take a look at this thread and some of the other sides of PETA.


But debating this topic belongs in IMO
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As soon as the baby goes down for his nap I have a list of things I need to do, and looking at these sites is definitely one of them.


Originally Posted by TNR1
This is the page I think you will most benefit from initially:


Lots of good information on TNR.

Also..you may want to join the Feral Friends Network:


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awww thnx u guys for all the info. im really happy and trust me, youll b seeing more of me around here
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