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State of the Union

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Okay, he talked about US and our allies, then called N. Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan an "axis of terror". What's with the WWII references?

I still don't feel comfortable with Homeland Security. This is how it begins, reasonable assurances of safety to a scared populace, and before you know it, we are losing civil liberties in the name of national security. Look at all those Asian Americans interred during WWII.

Still, a serious look at restructuring Social Security is good, Freedom Corps sounds like a good thing as long as it isn't required (like military service in some countries), and the teacher shortage has been predicted for at least 20 years so it's time to do something about that, though I think raising salaries would go a lot further than rhetoric.

Could be worse.
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I must say that I think the PRESIDENT is doing a great job. Especially, when I look at all he has faced...I would be scared to see administration of the past deal with this.
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I must admit I am very impressed with G Dub...especially considering how I felt about him during the election.

I am a strict Democrat (insert flaming here) but I have to say that he has made me take a second look. (not at Republicans, thank you, just at HIM) he has faced a lot, and come through it all very well.
I'm sure a large part of that has been his "staff", but all in all, I think he's done a good job.
And his standing in the public poll is higher than any Prez since the 1950's! Thats a darn good start if ya ask me? (okay, be amazed, Yes, Cleo the flighty airhead follows politics!) :laughing2
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I agree with you about the staff. One of the things I appreciate about him is that he seems to know his limitations and surrounded himself with good people.
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Yeah, but his staffs involvement with Enron has brought his popularity down just a bit.
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Wasn't all of them, though.

I guess I was thinking of his larger staff and by good I meant smart and knowledgeable, not necessarily ethical.

I grew up in Boston, and if you know anything about Massachusetts politics of the last say 100 years, ethical is not necessarily a word I would have used to describe politicians. Can you say Chappiquiddik? (not that I can spell it)

We used to call it "Irish politics" which I guess is kind of a slur but there's a joke about it:

This Back Bay Brahmin (upper class, Puritan ethics) was campaigning in an Irish (read "recent immigrant") neighborhood for her candidate by knocking on doors and talking to people. At one house she was greeted by a harried-looking woman holding a baby and the sounds of several children inside. Trying to make a point about how ethical her candidate was, she told the woman, "He didn't even give the snow removal contract to his brother, who had the lowest bid and needed the money, because he didn't want anyone to think he was abusing his office."

Replied the woman with the baby, "Why would I vote for anyone who wouldn't even help his own brother?"

So I guess it depends on what you expect from your politicians.
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I see what you're saying. I think his Administration if very competent. I was just mentioning how his approval has slipped just a wee bit due to some of his administration's involvement with Enron. I think he, and his administration, are doing a fine job.

I really wanted to watch the State of the Union but had to miss it. I will pick up the details in the paper today.
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Just wanted to say here that I think Bush is doing a wonderful job, especially considering all he has been faced with since September 11th.
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I thought it should have been more about issues for Americans, like Social Security issues, health care, and the economy. The war part was all right but I hope it won't always be at the top of the agenda.
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I thought he did a good job covering all the issues. The domestic ones, as well as the war. The war is probably going to be at the top of the list for a long time, considering that all Americans are under attack and are targets for these terrorists. I for one am so happy he has put this at the top of his agenda.
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