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Looks light I might be accidentally getting a new kitten......

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My sister just called. She had spent a couple days at our parents' house and had found a stray today. She said he looked about 10 weeks old and was very skinny. She cuddled him all day, and he was so attention starved that he sat at the back door whenever she was inside. My brother''s girlfriend said they fed him last night and that she had seen him previously outside a dumpster at a local convenience store. They called the shelter, but with the wave of kittens flooding the animal shelters, they aren't able to take him until next week. My parents have agreed to put food outside until the shelter will accept him.

I don't want him going to a shelter, plus I'm not sure it's no-kill. I don't like the idea of him staying outside for a week, with a busy road nearby that I lost one of my cats to as a kid. My sister said she could take him, but was unsure (as was her live in bf) about the financial weight, as they are both students living off my parents and my sister's job (he was, sadly, recently diagnosed with degenerative neurological genetic disorder called AMN and can't work). My bf and I can better afford it. We have the two cats already, but they are already through their first (and most vet-expensive) years. We both work. My sister and her bf recently got a kitten, so they're still paying for all those early shots and desexing stuff for her.
Lastly, it might be fate....apparently the kitten looks JUST like our older cat, Sammy-a-go-go. Right down to the polydactyly (extra-toes)! Amazing, huh? And my bf and Sammy love each other. Sammy grooms him, and Peter carries the cat around in his arms like a baby. Plus, Peter didn't get to live with me when the kittens were REALLY small (as I was still at university in another town), so he missed their kittenhood.
I called him at work and he's okay with the idea. I think he'll be more excited about it once we actually have him.
We're going make the drive to my parents' house (about an hour away) after he gets home from work in a few hours. Fingers crossed that we'll find the little guy safe and sound so we can take him home.
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Hope you get the kitten!
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What a blessing! Congratulations, Leli!
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Ooooooooh another kitten! Fingers are tightly crossed that the little boys sitting there waiting for you!
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Yay!, a new kitten!
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Well, we didn't get the kitten. I hadn't posted cuz I'm disappointed and also VERY VERY MAD. The reason he wasn't there when we got to my parents house is because their neighbours (the JERKS) didn't like him exploring their yard and decided to take him for a "drive". When I inquired where they took him, they told me they had taken him out of the main town and dropped him off in a field beside a farm!!!! What the hell is wrong with these people???
Anyway, we spent a few hours combing that stretch of road by flashlight, but there was no sign, so we had to come home empty handed. My mother has talked to some people living in that area, leaving her number in case he's spotted. She's also going back and checking around regularly, but we're not holding our breath. I'm just so frustrated with the whole situation.
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Leli that sucks! What horrible neighbors! I hope the kitten is OK.
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So sorry about that, Leli, and there you were getting excited about expanding your family!Sure hope this little kitty shows up!
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I'm sorry that it didn't work out. How awful of those neighbors!
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