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Hello! It's been so long...

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Hello to everyone at TCS! Alot of you probably won't remember me since it has been over a year since I have been on TCS. Hello again to those who do In the past year I have worked through a family tradegy. I finally had the time and normalicy back in my life to check out The Cat Site again. Its good to see some of the names from the past, like coming home to the family
My kitty family has changed, I used to have 5 kitties. Here is a brief update on them.
Coco and Sterling have been adopted my friends. Sasha, the bengal has been kidnapped by my Mother in NC. Hee-Hee...she son't give him back, but that's ok she loves him too Peaches, my doorstep kitty has been adopted by my step-sister and her family and Berkley, my "baby" is in my spare bedroom fast asleep.
I adoped a step-kitty, Flashy, she is my boyfriend's kitty (she has litter box troubles which I will be asking about later I am sure). Mark and I found a kitten in the woods last year.. We named her Tiger and she is sooo cute

Anyway...I think this is the longest post I have ever posted on TCS so I better go now before my fingers start to cramp
Good to see everybody!

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Welcome Back Ginger! ..of course we remember you! ....i love your avatar and that´s why I got mine similar your´s! .....

See you around !
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It's really good to see you Ginger
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It is really good to see you back Ginger! I'm so glad to hear that your life is going OK now, and that all of your kitty family are in wonderful homes. And you can still have visitation.
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So glad you've returned, Ginger!
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Welcome back Ginger!
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Hey Ginger,

So nice to see you again! I am glad to hear from you and that you were able to work through all that happened and come back here to say hello.
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Welcome back Ginger!
I remember you too!
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Good to see you back Ginger.
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I am pretty new here, so nice to meet you Ginger!, I look forward to chatting on the forums with you
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Hiya Ginger!!
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HI! Good to have you posting again. I hope you plan to stay.
Sorry to hear you have had some rough times.
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