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kitties needing adopted-transported to anywhere,

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sorry, I can't copy and paste it, so just check out that link.
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hope some people can help!
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here's an email I just got:

Thank you for your response to our email. THERE IS NO NEED TO CALL US. Please
submit the following information; Your name, your telephone number, your city, your
state and a veterinarian reference. We are compiling a master list so we can start
placing animals from a shelter in Jackson. Right now there are 240 dogs, and 100
cats that need GOOD HOMES. As you can imagine, there are going to be many more.
If you cant adopt, and would like to help out with a monetary donation, you can
do so by sending a check or money order directly to the shelter in Jackson or calling
the animal disaster relief hotline. Here is that information:

The shelter we are working thru:
C.A.R.A. Inc. (Community Animal Rescue Adoption)
Post Office Box 231
Clinton, MS 39060
they are a 501 C3

This was JUST set up ....
The Mississippi Disaster Relief Fund
209 South Lafayette
Starkville, MS 39759
(662) 324-9380

OK, now to give you all some information as to what is what. Understandably so,
its people first down there. Now, about our furry loved ones in MS. The animals
we are dealing with are Owner Turn Overs?, these pets have been turned over to the
shelter by their owners and need good homes. We are working with a transport company
that is currently down in MS trying to get our fist load of dogs. Just so you know
what we know. There are groups of animal disaster relief workers down in the disaster
area, they are doing everything they can to get these animals processed. There
is a RUMOR, A COMPLETE LIE going around that people are shooting animals. WRONG!
There are some severely injured animals that have to be humanely euthanized, but
the first priority of these trained people is to help and save these animals. They
are doing their best, and they are doing a great job. There are still some areas
the animal rescue people have not been able to get to- as people are still being
rescued from those areas. They are setting up animal treasonous, and they are working
around the clock. Please keep those people in your prayers. I know that there
are stationing areas set up at two sights, one of which is in Jackson. PLEASE DO
NOT GO DOWN TO MISSISSIPPI. (You will be in the way, let the trained professionals
do their job)

We don't know when, but here is what is going to happen with the dogs, cats, bunnies,
etc. that come thru the shelters we are working with: We have a detailed list
of the animals they have, we will match the list of animals to the list of perspective
adoptive parents. You will then receive a call from the transporter and can discuss
with her at that time where in your state she will be bringing the animals.
This is all done with volunteers, so go easy on us, we (me and my mother Lynda)
are doing our very best.
Thank you for your support, and God Bless you.
Susan-Lyn Palmieri
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Good luck to them. This is so heartbreaking.
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