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Meet Nikita!

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We brought home this little ball of energy about a month ago. We adopted her from the Toronto municipal pound (she was picked up as a stray), and she's been a wonderful addition to our little family! She loves to give kisses on your nose, purrs at the drop of a hat, and keeps the dog on her toes!

She's got a bit of an eye irritation/infection now, but that certainly doesn't slow her down at all!
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She is such a sweetie!!, I bet she keeps you busy!
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Nikita, you're such a beautiful little girl! How wonderful that you've found your loving family!
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She's about 5 months old now, and when we adopted her, she came with the name "Cher". My boyfriend owns a comic book store, so we wanted a name that honoroed that field... We thought and thought and thought, and finally, I said "how about Nikita, like the femme fatale on TV?" his eyes lit up and he said "it's perfect! I love it!" and so she came to be called Nikita. And let me say, the name fits her like a glove! Beautiful, affectionate, but with a wild streak that can pop up at any moment!
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She's beautiful and love her "Mona Lisa" smile!
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