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Fighting brother / sister (11 wks)

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Hello all,
First time here so be gentle I just got an elven week old brother sister from "cats protection league" here in the UK.. Everything is pretty much as i thought it would be, after 3 days in thier new home, just a couple of questions i have..
Is there a point at which i should break up the fights ? I know they should play fight etc but is it ok that they go for each others neck, back legs a'kicking with growls thrown in ? They do this for about an hour in the morning, same at night.
And about eating, they seem to need encouragement to eat, sniff and walk away type thing. If i keep picking them up and putting them at the bowl (like 10 times) they eventually 'wolf' it down down like they were starved.! Tried dried and wet food.. They seem to take turns each at doing this, roughly .. Poop is ok and they are both seemingly fine, energy levels and so on.

Thanks for any tips..
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Those play fights sound normal to me. I have a brother-sister pair too, and when they were babies they did the same thing (although they didn't growl, and I can see how you would be concerned by that). If they were hurting each other you'd know by their reactions. Trust me, you wouldn't have to ask.
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You'll never want to see a catfight. I've had a lot between my girls. It's messy,bloody and smelly. What you have now is plain rough play and it is normal.
About meals, try to feed them in only one area of the house and at a fixed time of the day. If they don't finish, and you don't like leaving food out all day, take the dishes away and feed them the next day. It isn't necessary to pick them up and bring them to their bowls.
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you aok on the play fighting...you should hear our house.....lol
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