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India and Murphy  

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Well, just a little rambleing...I took both my pooch India and my Murphmonster to the doc's today for a spay/nuetor...respectively....both are home and doing well

They're such loves!!!

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Poor babies, but it's so good for them. Here's to a speedy recovery!
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CAT- I am glad to hear that they are home safe!
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Now when you come visit me, you can bring the Murphster near Cagney and Lily (yeah, they're both spayed, but who knows?) but ya gotta leave Indy at home...Rudy Tootie hasn't been clipped yet! :laughing2
(hmmmm....Siames&Lab Pitties/Kippies/Pippies/Kuppies/Putties? What the heck would ya call 'em? :LOL:
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Good for you Cat! Your babies, well, they may never know it, but you've done them good.

Hug, kisses and cuddles for them both! :wavey
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What a responsible mommy you are
Yes Murp let me know tonight on the phone all is well!
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At least they will both have someone to recover with. I hope everything goes well with the surgury.
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:laughing2 Thanks everyone...how sweet of you!
Yeah, Loretta heard Murphy yappin' to me last nite! hahaha! He's a real talker, he was telling me that his booty was kinda sore...just the days events...ya know....haha!

Funny you should mention recovering together Adrienne!! hahaha! They normally hate each other, but now they're getting along so well! :laughing2 I guess they bonded!

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Glad they are doing well.
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