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Happy day

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I am fairly new and just wanted to share this story that happened to me . I adopted a cat from a barn 2 1/2 years ago that even the vets said would not make it. She had every parasite you can imagine and weighed in at 1 whopping pound. I bottle fed her and kept her in my bathroom under my sink for months as she was so scared and small. I
I have other cats and dogs (even a ex racing greyhound). She has always remained the most shy and nocturnal of any of my cats. You would not know she exists unless you are quiet and are down in our basement after dark.
Well over a month ago one of my kids left our back door open and she got outside. She has never been outside except one other time. She is spayed and all her shots are up to date and we have a 5 ft high fence. It took her a few days to return from under our shed the first time. I sat with doors open in the middle of summer when she crawled back in very quietly. This time she didn't return. I searched and searched. I called the pound who told me they rarely picked up cats unless they were hurt or they were brought in as surrenders but had none matching her description. We went every week and called every day. They knew my voice by the sound. We posted ads, posters and even searched door to door. I have 4 other cats and 6 dogs dogs (not to mention my 4 kids but each one has been MY responsibility). After a month and a half I had to face that she was gone.
Yesterday my husband turns on the light at 5AM and asked if my neighbors cat had climbed our fence (she is not allowed out at night either) because my greyhound had cornered something on our deck when he had let her out. He grabbed her by the tail. I put my glasses on and there stood my baby. She has lost a TON of weight but as soon as she was put in my arms started purring again. She was walked to the bathtub and bathed and fed and has been in the bed with us for 2 days kept aside from our other animals until we can get her to the vet to be checked. Now I wonder was she under the shed eating critters the entire time?
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Oh my gosh! What a heartwarming story! I guess it just goes to show how amazing cats really are.
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How wonderful!, what a little survivor!
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Very nice story.
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Awwww bless her! Now if only she could speak?!
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Glad she is back safe.
Just curious, but when she was missing, you didn't check under the shed ?
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Oh we did many many times with brooms, water, I called, even begged the dogs to let me know (you would think with 6 of them SOMEONE would have sniffed her out). She is now sitting her purring as I am trying to type headbutting me. Oh how I wish she could talk I don't care where she was I am just glad she is back. Now I am terrified she will get out again. With 4 boys and 2 under the age of 4...How do i relax
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Aww what a sweet story! Glad your baby is back

What's her name?
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