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Star Put Down Today..Something Toxic

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Sad day here....been crying my eyes out. One of the ferrals I have been caring for had to be put down today. I noticed for the last two days she had been laying around, not eating and only drinking a few sips of water. This morning, she was really bad. She was like a dishrag lying around very flat on the ground/porch and eyes shutting. I thought she was going to die right there on the porch.

I took her to the local vet. He said that her body temp was very low and that she had so much fluid around her heart he could barely hear a heartbeat. He said he believed she must have gotten into something very toxic. He also recommened I put her down as he said she was suffering and at most would last only two days.

I came home and looked all around the property trying to think what in the world she could have gotten into.....only two things did I see that could have caused this....#1 we have fire ants and I noticed that my husband had sprinkled down some of that stuff on top of their mounds to kill them or #2 we have what my husband calls bitter weed.....I know from reading the label that the fire ant stuff is not supposed to be near pets...so that could be it...but does anyone know about this bitterweed? Being a city gal from the East coast I dont remember having it up there. When I came to TN my husband says that if the cows eat it it makes their milk undrinkable....

I miss my baby...she was the sweetest thing. I called her Star because her eyes were so beautiful...it looked as though she had eyeliner circling them...

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I'm so sorry you lost Star. I'm sure that one of the mods will come along with some information to answer your questions. All I can do is give you my condolences.
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I'm so sorry for your lost. I lost my sweet boy this morning also...been sobbing all day. Your poor kitty should not have had to suffer that way. She will have a lot of friends to play with in kitty heaven, like this sweet boy Chester.

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She was just so little, just a little over 1 year.....I keep doubting myself now...wondering if I had brought her home if it could have worked its way out of her system...thinking perhaps the dr didnt give me other options because of cost..i guess if I knew for certain I did the right thing it would be of some comfort.... thank you poison girl for your condolences....we need to pray for each other
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