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have had 2 e-mails this week asking if my charity can help with their cats cos they are moving abroad (I check all the e-mail enquiries for them). One is a 12 year old female called Ziggy (photo attached), who's owners had a home sorted for her but it has now fallen through, so they need help. The other is a 9 year old - am still waiting for details of gender, colour, name etc. It is actually her friend's parents cat, they haven't looked too hard for a home, and have said that if it isn't found a home in a week, they will take it to be pts. The woman I foster for is actually on hol until a week on Mon and I already have 5 cats in the house (2 permanent, 1 foster and 2 lodgers - foster is long term and the lodgers could be here a few months), which is the most I feel comfortable with, but I also can't sit back and allow these two to be pts and I have contacted 3 other shelters, who are all full - one has over 250 cats (they have space for 250) so aren't even putting cats on a waiting list and my CP branch don't even think the 12 year old will get a new home. I know the woman I foster for will take at least one of the two when she gets back, so I have asked them both to drop them off as close as possible to that date so it isn't as hard work for me. If anyone knows someone in the Rochdale area of the UK who would like an older cat, please either post on here or PM me - I would prefer to get them permanent homes rather than foster them. Have also been told by loads of people that I am too soft, but I have told other people who have enquired that we can't help, but I crumble when they mention pts (plus have a soft spot for oldies - the cats in my house at the moment are 14, 12, 2 x 10 and 7)