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What does "Brrrrrrrr" mean?

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Another question about cat language. A number of times I've heard cats make a little sound. It sounds like they're saying "Brrrr." What does that translate to in English?
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For my newest kitten, it means that it's looking for something fun to play with.

The sound is usually after a good stretch, and right before a leap-and-scamper.
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My female cat, Cleo, makes that sound all the time. When I talk to her, look at her, when she's walking around the house, when she's bored...she usually prefaces a real meow with that sound too. My male, Alex, never makes that sound at all. I was wondering why myself.
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Sweety makes this sound when you go to pet her and she is sleeping or pretending she is, like a "Hi, I like that, pet me"and it always is followed with a smile!
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Rosie does that a lot, usually when she's wanting to play chase with Sophie because she'll walk past her, make the noise, then keep looking round waiting for Sophie to chase after her
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Caesar does that all the time too. He seems to do it a lot walking around the house, almost like he is thinking.
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Yes Sunday chirps constantly - when you walk past her, pat her, wake her up, feed her - anything. She rarely meows. I think they're saying hello.
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I'm not sure what it means exactly but it seems to be happy talk. Mooch 'talks' a lot like that. I love the sound!
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She makes a funny little noise which sounds identical to the noise my budgie makes lol
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My Beloved Corkie used to answer me like that. If she was asking me a question or saying "REALLY!" the Brrrr would end on a high note, but if she was agreeing with me or NOT asking a question it would just be sort of flat and if she would be saying something like she was disapointed it would end on a down note!
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Chasey does that a lot when she is playing. Sometimes she does that when she wants to play too.
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Mine both do that when they're playing, seems to me like they're calling to each other. Then they also do it to say hello to me, to anounce that they're using the litterbox, after they've eaten......

Very, very rarely meow though
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