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This is why I HELPED!!

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Look at the face of the father of this little girl.
Can you imagine having a baby and not knowing where to go to get him/her food or even clean water much less infant formula.
I am from Louisiana so, though I know this tragic freak of nature has hurt pretty much everyone that has a heart, it has hurt me particulary hard. I grew up not far from New Orleans and visited often. I have memories there. And though I know New Orleans CAN be rebuilt, it will never be the same.
My husband asked all of the guys at work yesturday (Mexicans who are here w/o their families just to make a living) if they would put in some money to help these people in New Orleans. Out of 12 workers in the restaurant he collected $475.00!! That is an average of around $40.00 each.

My friend and I also went to Wal-Mart and bought baby formula and bottles and baby wipes. Some people think water, water, water (which is great) but there are babies out there that need nutrients.

Look at this pic....

Darryl Thompson tries to comfort his daughter Dejanae while waiting for who knows what on the Pontchartrain Expressway, Wednesday August 31, 2005

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Thank you for sharing with money & your generous heart.
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thats beautiful!
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Originally Posted by fwan
thats beautiful!

I thought so too. I think that picture brought more tears to my eyes than the sad pictures. How beautiful to see a loving father comfort his son/ daughter.
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