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My error!

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Sorry for asking a question in my 1st. I obviously don't know what I'm doing; it should have been somewhere else.. Still would like to hear from you all. 2nd husband, 2nd cat. My darling Shadow had to go to sleep after many surgeries. Hardy is supposedly Jim's cat! He said "I will ALWAYS have a cat!" Shadow was actually my son's, but he is now 28, married, & living in NC. We live in Lincoln, NE. Hardy's name was "Herbie" but we thought "Hardy" would make him feel more assertive--well, he is! He can be so MEAN to me! My friend Lisa comes over and he absolutely FAWNS on her (she has several cats at home), but he lies in wait and then attacks me! He's getting better now, and sneaks up and cuddles w/me at night, but isn't this a long time for it to take?
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Hi Roxy, and welcome again.

I am going to move your question over to the Behavior forum, where it should get a little bit more feedback.
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If I am reading this right, you have a cat at home that attacks you sometimes. How long has this cat been with you? You didn't say.
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