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A positive thread

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With all the terrible things that are going on down in New Orleans right now I thought it would be good to stop and think about the things in life we are grateful for...

I'll start

My health
My family and friends
My boyfriend and Reilly
The fact that I have a job that can pay most of my bills
all my wonderful life expeirences (good and bad)
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My family....
My health
My friends but in very special care with my friends to TCS!

Tracy! great Idea!
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My family
My close friends
The fact that I am able to get a college education
My healthy body
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Tracy i couldn't agree more with this thread!. After everything thats happend this year with the London bombings and now this terrible situation in New Orleans it gives people a wake up call

My health.

A good job to keep the roof over my head and food and treats for me and the kitts


And my girls
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Dexter & Sadie
Wonderful loving friends.
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Aaron and Abby
My family and friends,
My home

and when you start thinking about it, we all have lots to be thankful for!
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I was thinking someone should start something like this! Thanks for doing it!

Nathan is on his way home.
My parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, niece, nephews, etc
My kitties and doggies
Friends in unexpected places
Sunshine and Rain
A Job I enjoy!
My health
a kind and understanding mother in law
a home to call my own
reliable vehicles
Good food
being able to use my tallents and abilites (no matter how small they may be)
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What a great idea, Tracy!

I am thankful for my husband and son.....the truly greatest man, and man-in-the-making.
I am very thankful to be married to my best friend.
an for my 3 beautiful kitties who take love so unconditionally (and give it conditionally )
and a wonderful home to hold us all in.
I am also thankful for all the friends I have...both here and in my neighborhood.
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My God
My 3 cats
my family
My boyfriend Joy
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