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How To Pill a Dog?

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Not sure where to put this x3 the Dog forum I used to be part of sort of...shut down. Anyway.

My dog went to the vets yesterday because he was pulling his fur out. Found out that he's allergic to fleas and his food most likely. So Now he's on Prednisone and some sort of antibiotic for his large cuts, umm.. -looks at pill bottle-Trimethoprim is the antibiotic. VERy large pill. I know how to pill a cat without a problem, not not once have I ever had to pill a dog. And stupid me forgot to ask how to do it.
So, how is the best way to do it?

He is also now on, Hills Preciption Diet Z/D. Holy moley its expensive. lol

anyway, all help is appreciated =P
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My parents always put the pills in cheese, like wrapped it in cheese, or a piece of bread, something that the dogs liked and the pill could be easily put in it. They would just eat the food with the pill in it with no problems....one dog that was sick for years and was on pills daily, after a while if the pill somehow fell out of the cheese, she would pick it up and eat it on her own

I think this is the easiest way...they have tried many, this one worked...
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Same way you would pill a cat. Put your hand over his muzzle with 4 fingers on one side and thumb on the other and tilt his head back. Use your other hand to open his mouth and place the pill at the back of his throat and push it down. Close his mouth and keep it shut for a little bit. Either massage his throat or blow into his nose to make him swallow it.

Or as BabyBee said, you can always put it in a little bit of cheese or peanut butter. Also, there is something called Pill Pockets. It's a little treat with a hole in the top where you put the treat in and seal it. I have heard it works well for people who have trouble pilling their animal. You can get those at your vet. If you do, we normally suggest to feed one or two without the pill at first.
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I would go with the cheese option. I've always had dogs, who'd eat anything that didn't eat them first and cheese is a doggie favorite.

Mom used to hide her dog's thyroid pills, in a handful of Meow Mix cat food. Whiskers would scarf up the pill, with the cat food.
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My dog, Max, was on Prednisone and a bunch of heart meds before he passed and mom would wrap his pills up in turkey. Then when he figured out what was happening, he stopped eating the turkey! (And we thought he was dumb )So mom started buying mighty dog dog food and slipping them in there.
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Cheese, turkey, or even a peice of hot dog. anythign thats really yummy..and they will just gobble it all up.
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