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Not getting along:( older cat pooping everywhere

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I posted about 3 weeks ago, we brought a little kitten friend to our Maya. The ride home was a disaster, I followed the instructions on introducing them to each other, but last 3 weeks have been a living hell.
This might get long so I apologize in advance....

First week, my older cat was hissing, was clearly upset, wouldn't come to me, wouldn't let us pet her. The little one(we named her Mimi) was happy and cheerful.
Mimi is still happy and cheerful, but Maya, hides, under the bed, in a box in the closet, hisses, tries to scratch. Also last week after quite a few supervised visits with Mimi, she started pooping all over the place. In our bed....or actually , she does go in her litter box, and even right after she went, she sees me, and goes on the furniture dragging her bum on it while pooping, or some poop coming out I don't know. So I have have poop trails everywhere! and I mean everywhere, on sofas, chairs, bed, carpet, anything she can get her bum on, even some of the toys. Anyone experienced this?
We just came home from the vet, she was checked, they were both checked, and they are both healthy. Maya was checked 2 times in the past week, there is nothing wrong with her, no changes in her diet, everything is exactly the same as before.

Anyone have any advice, or any experience with this? I would really appreciate any tips.

Thank you
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Sounds terrible!!, your older cat sure is a fiesty one!!

Just curious are the 2 cats sharing the same litterbox??, perhaps your older kitty doesn't want to share?

Other than that..cats can be alot like kids when you bring a new child home..she might feel a bit left out and that the new kitten is getting more attention.

Good luck!
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No, they have separate litter boxes, which are not even in the same room. I also give the older cat more attention, and talk to her first, she is fed first.
I just don't know why she is doing this. Cleaning this up twice a day sometimes is getting to be too much.
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Hey BB,

I understand your woes!!! You might have read that I am also introducing a new cat into the household of 2 resident cats. Some days my patience is at it's end, but I am hoping in the long run that my household will be full of peace and love! One of my resident cats is pooping inappropriately (outside of the litterbox) occasionally, once even in the new cat's "safe room" where I am keeping a separate litter box for the new one.

I also have alot of hissing, growling, and dirty looks from the 2 resident cats. I just try to do what you have been doing. I love and feed them first and give lots and lots of attention. I have been at it for 5 weeks now!!! UGH.

By the way, I love Toronto!!
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Have you read this thread? Did the vet run a fecal to test for worms?


Are the cats separated from each other? How many litter pans does each cat have? What type of litter are you using?

I would suggest a book by Pamela Johnson-Bennett called cat-vs-cat excellent resource for multicat homes.
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Unforturnately, some cats like to be antisocial and an only cat. Nothing you can do about it - its their personality.

Since you have separate litterpans that's not an excuse for the older cat. Marking her territory is also not acceptable.

You have a few choices:

1. Cage the older one till she uses the pan properly and then slowly let her have more freedom but if she does it outside (marking) she goes back into the cage.

2. Find another home for the younger one (I know, you won't like it but...)

3. Find another single cat only home for the older one. (again, it will hurt).

When I moved to MN from MD I could only take one of my cats with me. I had to rehome several others. One of which was my breeding rex (who got spayed first) and also had a chip on her shoulder - she was a cat the preferred to be an only cat with all the attention. I found a home like that.

IMO you'll probably have to decide on if the older or younger cat needs a new home.
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Thanks for the replies.
Yes she has been tested for worms, and nothing. They are also separated, each with their own littler box(the older one has her box in the same spot as before, also with the same litter.

I knew that my older cat was a little princess and moody, but I was really hoping that she would enjoy the company. I will try and put her in a cage and see if that heps with this behaviour. Will give it a few weeks and see how it goes. Going to bookstore tomorrow will check out the book as well.
I really hope it gets resolved as I really don't want to give up either one of them. Eventhough Mimi hasn't been with us long, I am already so attached to her.
Thanks again, And good luck Catbikini, I hope you get it resolved as well
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I would really advise against caging her. Instead put her in a small bathroom and let her have at least some room to roam. Block off the access with baby gates so she can see everyone, they can see and smell her and then see how it goes.
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