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Yeah, I'm definitely there to see Emily Rose in theatres. I don't venture to the theatres very often anymore, so it has to be something that looks great to draw me there. LOVE horror/scary flicks so this will be right up my alley. Looking forward to it. And yes, as someone else mentioned, the fact that it is based upon a true story makes it that little bit more scary!!
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It might just be the pregnancy hormones but dang I ain't gonna watch that! Way too scary looking...
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Originally Posted by esrgirl

Here is an interesting article on the story.
That was very interesting. I'm sure I'll see this movie, but probably wait for DVD. With three kids, we just don't do the theater thing anymore.
Besides, with dvd...there's fast forward!
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Has anyone noticed that horror and end or the world/alien invasion movies have become more the norm in theaters and on TV???? What is up with that??
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I ahve been looking for=ward to this movie for a couple of months now. May not be able to see it in theatres due to finacial problems. -pets pupper- He is far more important that a movie.

But yeah.. looking foward to it. =)
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I just read the reviews at and apparently its more of a courtroom movie with flashbacks - hope youse were aware of that.
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Originally Posted by esrgirl
It actually made me laugh. The special effects looked pretty goofy and I don't really like that style of movie (The Grudge, The Ring, etc). I don't get the gaping black mouth thing. Now I totally thought the Exorcist was scary, and a lot of people laugh at that one. I'll probably rent the Exorcism of Emily Rose to give it a fair chance. I just love horror movies that have real special effects and not CGI.
I'm not a big fan of the computer generated stuff, either. If I wanted to see someting that looks totally fake, the old scary stuff is better. The new stuff doesn't really scare me at all anymore. But I'll probably end up renting this one, just to see if it's any better than the latest disappointing fare.
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus
I just read the reviews at and apparently its more of a courtroom movie with flashbacks - hope youse were aware of that.
I got that from the article posted here. Which means that there are going to be a lot of bad reviews from people who are wanting to see a modern The Exorcist and get a court drama instead. Bad planning for the trailers, IMO.
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Yeah Heidi - same thing happened to me with the Village - I was expecting to see a horror movie with scary monsters and instead got something different!
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It's part of the story for me, the legal stuff. I mean, how do you prove the existence of Satan in a courtroom?

For me, since it tackles two of my personal interests (legal and Demons/Angels), I'm all for it. It's gonna be interesting; I hope I can see it in the theatre; I dunno if my "roommate" can handle that at the moment, so I may have to wait until the DVD...

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Michele - I agree, the courtroom aspect will be interesting, especially the part about proving satan in a courtroom!
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I'm the same as you guys! The exorcism part was interesting, but knowing the back story and watching it being played out in court will make it more interesting for me than if it were just a horror flick.
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Do you think they're trying to prove Satan exists in the courtroom? My impression was they were prosecuting the parents and the priest for their involvement in the girl's death. Am I wrong?
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I haven't seen the movie, Sunnicat, so I don't know what story the movie will tell. But the actual case ended up with both parents and the exorcist being tried for homicide in a court. Their defense was that Anneliese was possessed by the devil, and played tapes to prove such possession; that her death was caused by the devil, and not by them.

It would seem to me that it would be intrinsic to prove Satan exists as a foundation for their defense. If Satan doesn't exist, then how could there be a possession? ... ...

But that's what happened "in real life." How true Hollywood will be to the story is another thing altogether. Allegedly, it's relatively accurate...although both the exorcist and her father are dead, and the mother has been "in hiding" for many years, so how accurate could it be, really?

Dunno, but I think it will be an interesting movie nonetheless.

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Well I busted out laughing when I heard the title to this movie.

Scary or not, my daughter's NAME is EMILY ROSE.

And lately she's been having to be exorcised when I get her back from the ex-inlaws, cuz her grandmother (ugh... ex monster-in-law) has been spoiling her rotten to the core.

So every other weekend on a Sunday night, I have to get rid of the demons from my Emily Rose. Thanks to Grandma's menopause.

So when I saw the trailer for this movie, all I could do was bust out laughing.
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That's a hoot Stephanie!!! Of couse, your Emily Rose is MUCH MUCH sweeter than her movie namesake!
(It's amazing how many Emily Roses are out there; that was my best friend in middle school's name as well!)
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Here's a link to the background of the real story of Anneliese Michel's Exorcism. Pretty interesting details and disturbing at the same time. I think I'll have to see the movie now!

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