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Future Mommy shows no interest on box-nest..

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Since she is on day 60, shouldnt she be already looking for a place to have her babies? We provide her with a nice box and we put paper inside and tried to make it as comfortable as possible. The box is place in a room we dont usually use. It is very quiet there but she doenst even want to get inside the box. We checked it was a clean one where no food were stored to prevent smells... but she doesnt even look at it!
I could think she just doesnt like it there but she is not even looking for somewhere else. She seems quite happy just lying down on the floor of that room.
Is there anything I can do to make her understand where she has to have her babies?

Many thanks!

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Not all pregnant cats nest. It's as simple as that!
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We prepared several boxes and hideyholes for Sissy. She would lay in them but when she decided to have her kittens, she chose the most inaccessable spot (to humans anyway) imaginable. Behind the entertainment center where I can't reach them very well.

SHE will decide where to have them. Where she will feel the safest.

The kits are 17 days old today and I have only been able to reach 2 of them. So far, there is one of each. Hoping the other is a boy too.
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Open up your sock drawer-
Clear out under your bed
Check out the food pantry
Close the computer drawer

These are where some female cats had their litters at my house. Even when nesting boxes were provided, some decided on their own place to stash the kittens-
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I know my pregnant cat wasn't interested about nesting at the end of her pregnancy...but after awhile she gave in and went in her box to have her babies...She had a litter of 4.all white sweet kittens

good luck
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my cat decided to have them under the cough on the light colored carpet... but after the 1st one i moved her to her box and sat with her and she was happy
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My cat(April) had no interest in the box I made for her either. In fact, she chose to have her kittens in the middle of my living room floor. She was completely out in the open on my bare white carpet. By the way, peroxide works well for getting blood up after birth! I moved her after the birth was over, and she stayed in the box, no problem.
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Oh well... I can only decide in wich room she will give birth... whereabout in that room... is up to her!
Thanks for the advice
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