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well things have been kind of better. still have trust issues with the cat. the other day he lunged up at me. I gave him the benifit that he was going for my work badge dangling from my pocket as it wasnt very aggressive.
I do get weird vibes from him how ever.But tonight, after a whole nite of petting, purring and playing he bite me pretty good.
I was at my computer chair, he kept coming up and meowing, so Id pet him, play with the string. sit next to him on the floor. etc.
he came up again so I went to gget his string like usual but I got the feeling he was going to jump at me, as I went to pet him he bit. as I left the room and closed him in he comtinued to look anoyed.
NOW, we can all (including me, I've been doing it everytime something happens) give plenty of reasons why he did this, how I shouldnt of done this or that but Im at the point where i feel I shouldnt have to. I shouldnt need to be on edge with everything I do as not to upset my cat. I of course love my cat. Ive had dogs and cats in the past and they have always been an important part of my life. Up until now they have been much more joy than headache.
when Prescott, thats his name, wants to he's the most loving cat ever. BUT, out of nowhere bam. i mean I went to walk away from him to get his toy and he started showing signs of aggression.
I think this post is really away to help my deal with the discission im being faced with. Thats for everyones help and advise is always welcome. I have given him sometime after the first attack but have real doubt this will every really work out with the two of us and need to give this some serious thought.