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What is your cat most afraid of? Talents? Favorite weird food?

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Meishka is afraid of...

vacuums, lawn mower men (the ones who do our lawn care and ride on the big noisy mowers), strangers (anyone other than me and dad - my husband).

Her talent is that she is my "bug scout." ANYTIME (seriously) there is a bug in my place, she will find it and let me know (usually by staring at it until I notice her staring at something...sometimes it's for hours). She seems satisfied once I kill it...wonder what that says about her? She also can do backflips 3-4 feet high in the air and catch a ball! She sings along and talks to me but ONLY in the mornings.

Favorite weird food is yogurt. She loves it. That and the water that comes with tuna that you drain. I pour it in a bowl instead of down the drain b/c she goes NUTS when I open the can.
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Weird a kitty that loves yougert!!

Reilly has some weird quirks about him as well


playing fetch
playing claw with daddy
ice cream


vacuum cleaner
new people that are loud
fruits and vegetables (he hisses at oranges or orange juice)
other cats

I love my crazy kitty
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hisses at oj! hmmmmmm thats odd
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Joey is actually a pretty brave cat. The only thing I've noticed is when we bring a new cat in the house he gets pretty upset but after awhile he'll warm up to them. He is afraid of loud noises and things moving toward him at a high speed. But then again isn't everyone?
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socks loves

Towels, anything that is a towel, or a dressing gown, he sucks on them for hours!
Playing with his mice
Playing with the dog........he always wins!

Other cat's
People who come in the house

Bayley loves

At the moment, anything he gets his paws on , he's only a little kitten so he plays with anything

He hates the vacuum
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barnaby loves chilli sauce !! currys,
hates hoovers n meds time
ronnie loves being combed and belly tickles.
reggie hates being combed
hates children and strangers will hide for hours,u are highly honoured if he comes to u.
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Cupid's scared of sharp noises, but that's pretty much it. Even if there's a sharp, loud noise (e.g. dropping a pot lid in the kitchen) he'll run off but come back in a few seconds. He'll sit and watch me vacuum and jump in the bathtub with me! I can't put bubbles in it because I know he'll end up coming in the bathroom and jumping in.

Talents, well he's the staring contest champion! He loves to stare into people's eyes. He's done it since he was an itty bitty baby. When I went to visit him the first time, he sat in my hand and stared up at me the whole time. He's also good at fetch.

Weird food...Well, his weird foods are actually foods that he *won't* eat! He won't eat anything except his food. I've even given him Tuna and he just sniffed it and walked off but I fed him a few minutes later and he dug in!
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Miss Kitty is a pretty vanilla cat. lol She's afraid of the standard stuff, like vacuum cleaners. And if something other than the vaccum scares her, she will just stand there and hiss at it. Then she'll go hide behind the bed. lol Her talent is that she can, despite being rather fat, jump and flip high in the air to catch her stick toy. She doesn't like any wierd foods...she sticks to cat food and the occasional bite of tuna. She's so well-behaved and perfect.
Zoe on the other hand....
Runs and hides behind the couch, bed or dresser any time she hears a noise outside the front door. Noise on the back porch doesn't bother her, but stuff out front is a no-no. lol Her talent is for finding wierd places to sleep. She sleeps in the cabinet where we keep the clean towels, she sleeps IN the bed (as in under the covers), she LOVES a basket full of clean clothes.... She is silly.
And Zoe's favorite strange food is nacho cheese Doritos. hehe She LOVES them. She will come running if she smells them. She only gets a tiny peice of a chip once in a while, but man does she LIVE for that one tiny treat!
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