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Introducing new cat/litter box issue

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Hello everyone,

First post at this site. I've liked what I've seen browsing so far.

Here is my kitty problem.

About 4 weeks ago, I took in a 5 year old spayed female cat (Pumpkin) from a family member. She was introduced to my cat, a neutred 1.5 year old male (Knoxville, who's been part of my family since he was a teeny kitty). I kept them separate for a few days, let them smell, etc etc etc, and Pumpkin was more than ready to get out of the room she was confined in and explore.

All was OK. Some hisses and growls, but no major fights.

Fast forward two weeks - my cat, Knoxville, begins to be more agressive towards Pumpkin. It's as if they both realized that both are here to stay, and they began asserting dominance.

Well the 'bugging' on the part of Knoxville has gotten so bad that Pumpkin just hides out under couches for most of the day. She will not use the litterbox in the bathroom. It has gotten to the point where Knoxville bothers Pumpkin so bad she won't go into the litterbox. They don't have access to the litterbox in the bedroom during the day. At night time, I have to bring her into the bedroom and close the door, just so she'll have some peace and quiet in which she can do her duties. Mind you, she doesn't mind if Knoxville also uses the bedroom litterbox.

This is the first time I've introduced cats.

I am very concerned for Pumpkin. She only will pee once a day, at night, when she is alone in the bedroom without the other cat. I'm worried that she may develop an infection or something, because of only peeing once a day.

Is this somewhat typical behaviour of new/introduced cats???

I'm just really concerned for her. I love her alot and she is a wonderful cat. I just feel that she is bullied enough that she is not comfortable. I'm worried that she will not come around, that this litterbox issue will always be a problem. Idealy, I'd like the hisses/growls/bullying to cease, and have them both use the main litterbox in the bathroom.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should do, please respond. Like I said, I'm very concerned for Pumpkin and her lack of peeing. I don't want her to be uncomfortable, or develop an illness related. Getting rid of Knoxville, the younger cat, is not an option - I love him so much! I like to think that with more time, I'll have a happy kitty household, but I'm not so sure.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I look forward to your responses.

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I'm pretty new here myself. But on the litterbox issue you may have to do what I did. Escort Pumpkin to the bathroom a few times a day. Mine wouldn't go each time but to this day she expects me to escort her. She will walk next to me to the bathroom, stare at me until I turn the light on (even if its daytime) and close the door (shy I guess). Its kind of weird having to do all that just so she can potty but at least it avoids UTI's. Well its something you could consider, I hate to see a furbaby in distress over potty issues. Hope this might help in Pumpkin's case.
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I think they just need more time to adjust to each other.

Also I would follow the above posters advice about the litter box. Do you have two boxes ? One for each cat?
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Yes I have two litterboxes - one in the bathroom (not room for a second in there!), and one in the bedroom.

I take Pumpkin into the bathroom and all she'll do is cry/whine and try to open the door. I always go in with her. It's as if she really has an aversion towards the bathroom itself. Maybe it's too small for her, I dont know. The litter box that is in the bathroom is her own box, the one that we brought home when we took her from her old house. So that one's not a new box to her, but she'll still have none of it. I'll have to try to take her into the bathroom more often... just when she cries, it breaks my heart... all she wants is out!

How long does it take, on average, for cats to tolerate one another? Knoxville is still being a bully... chasing her and whatnot. It doesn't happen all the time, but probably twice a day... which I consider alot. Hoping this stage will pass...???!!! I just want a happy kitty household!!
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We kept Bijou and Mika separated for a full month but with supervised evening/weekend visits. When they started getting rough we would separate them. Maybe they need more time and keeping the new cat in your bedroom and separated from the other cat might be best for a little while longer.

Spend some time alone with each of them in their own environment for a while longer. Even if she wants to get out I wouldn't let her out except for supervised short visits.

There are folks here with much more knowledge and experience than I, so just keep checking in and I'm sure you'll get some good advice.
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