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A buddy for Hardy

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Hardy is an "apparent" Maine coon cat from a rescue society. He's about 2, and we've had him for 15 months. When we got him he was at a caregivers w/about 20 other cats. We''ve moved from an apt. to a big house, and he's dying to get outside! He lies in the dining room bay window and watches the squirrels & birds & scroungy neighbor cats all the time, but basically sleeps a lot. We want to get him a buddy. What should we get? He's neutered (but still acts sort of sexual from time to time). A kitten? A cat his age? Male? Female? We don't want him to beat up on it (declawed, not by us--his bud would have to be declawed also, but not by us!)
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I moved your question to the correct forum so you will get more answers.

Good luck in your search!
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That's a tough one!! Honestly, if you think he really needs someone to play with I would get a younger kitten. It would be tough to find a kitten for adoption that has already been declawed. I think though with a kitten you would be fine. Your male would be able to establish his role with the kitten and you would not have to worry about the claws at all. Most kittens in play do not hurt others with thier claws. I know lots of people who rescued a declawed cat and have the rest with claws. In all honesty, transitions are much easier if the newcomer is still impressionable
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