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I am new here...cat cackling??? What the?

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Hi everyone.

I have a question about my cat, Meishka. She is, 3 years old, domestic shorthair.

My question is this. A lot of times she will not so much purrr...as...chirp. Kind of a cackling sound. It is sometimes when she sees something excitable like an animal outside. But other times, she'll be laying on the bed or something and I will be talking to her as I am doing whatever...and she cackles back. It almost sounds like she is irritated, but she rolls over on her side and acts lovey dovey.

Any thoughts? What do you think it means?
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Some of my cats do that when they see a bird or squirrel outside. I think it is a hunting thing...
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You have lots of kitties!

If you don't mind my asking...what happened to little Averee? He/she was adorable!
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Averee was my pride and joy!!! I recieved Averee when she was about one day old. I raised her (Sorry starting to cry now) and I after I had her spayed (at about 5 months) I noticed she was sleeping A LOT and wasn't playing like she used too
I put it off because with some of my other cats after they were "fixed" they went through a sleeping stage...I finally decided to take her to work with me (I'm a vet tech) and the doctor noticed something inside her...
We did an ultrasound and couldn't figure out where it was.. I decided to go ahead with an exploritory surgery. They found an abcessed lyphnod (sp) in her mesintary (sp).... Basically this is where everything is attached in the cats body!! We took a biopsy and did some other tests, but everything came back negative.
Some of the doctors questioned FIP... After the surgery I had her on 5 different antibiotics and her temp kept going up... She wasn't eating well and was having Diarrhea.. I would take her to work with me every day and home every night...She was on IV fluids and for 10 days I stayed be her side... I decided I could no longer let her live her life like this! To this day we are all undecided as to what is was exactly that was killing her. but because she didn't have any of her mothers immunities she just couldn't fight it off!!
Now she is my sweet angel!!

This one is my favorite!!

Thanks for listening!!
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Oh my word! I am so sorry to hear that! You got me tearing up now.

A few months back I was driving home and a little baby kitten ran out in the road and the car in front of me (going 55mph) hit it. I could see it coming, but I couldn't do anything about it. I slammed on my brakes (to the dismay of the drivers behind me) and parked my car in the street with my hazards on right behind the kitten so nobody else could hit it. The person who hit it didn't even know they did I don't think, they never stopped. Poor baby was gone, I think. It was dark out but I tried to pet it and see if it was breathing, but I didn't feel any movement. All vets were closed. It had head injuries. I just picked it up and moved it to some weeds back off the road.

I was a mess (still am if I think about it) over it. I went back the next day just to make sure it hadn't moved from it's spot. It had indeed passed away. I just wish I could have done more. I literally can't let it go...sad, huh?? It looked like a little stray.

Anyway...sorry to be so depressing, just thought I'd share my sad story.

Dawn (Meishka's mum)
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Feline Behaviors

Most cats make that quite distinctive teeth chattering sort of noise that seems reserved specifically for when they see birds or squirrels, whether outside or on television. Actually, that noise may be more of an instinct than we realize. Many feline behavior specialists have noted the similarity of that noise to the special neck bite that cats use in the wild designed to kill a bird or small rodent quickly and efficiently, before they have a chance to struggle. Young kittens and cubs in the wild have the opportunity to practice this special bite; house cats may just be showing their excitement at seeing potential prey, or possibly their frustration (with the excitement, too) in seeing potential prey that they cannot get to. Many times, you may notice that your cat's tail is getting puffy, or is twitching in a special way that accompanies his special chattering noises.
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Well...it's just that she isn't doing anything but laying there half asleep when she does it. Usually she is laying on the bed half asleep and I will say something lovey to her and before i can even finish what I am saying she starts making really weird cackling/chirpy noises. She doesn't move except to maybe roll over on her back and look at me dreamily/sleepily. It's like she is talking to me in her own way. She doesn't ACT irritated but her sound sounds like she is....

Hope that make sense. =)
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Maybe she's just singing to you
I have one that does it when my parrots get too loud and disturb his sleep, quite amusing to hear him griping at the birds
And one that will do it any time you touch or talk to her.
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My Rosie does the "chattering" noises as well, normally when she's talking to me or watching the birds outside, but she's famous for doing it when i take her picture

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It's a cute sound isn't it?
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